Conformity to ASTM D6083


It’s one-component emulsion based on acrylic resin and can be used as waterproofing membrane for roofs, wet rooms …. POLYROOF-W creates a humidity barrier, reflects the UV radiation and prevents thermal energy absorption that leads to decrease inside temperature of buildings and save energy.


  • Based on water (without VOC)
  • Fast dry
  • Excellent resistance against UV
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces and old waterproofing membranes
  • Can be applied with spray, brush or spatula
  • Insoluble in water, after drying
  • Ease of application because of dilution with water
  • Seamless coating
  • Compose of sanitary materials, safe and inflammable
  • tolerates severe climate changes, with elastic properties that prevents cracks, holes or tearing
  • Lower weight than other waterproofing membranes  materials result in lightweight building structures
  • prevents thermal energy absorption into buildings that leads to save energy
  • repairing ability: in case of damage with minimum material, in the best possible way
  • High speed on application

Main uses:

  • Waterproofing of cement/metal /ceramic ramps, vertical and horizontal surfaces, and roofs that have already been waterproofed with other coatings, such as bitumen membranes
  • Waterproofing of indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, fountain, Brick façade, concrete and foundation, wet rooms, beneath tile
  • Waterproofing of metal surfaces, concrete/metal water reservoirs, gable roofs, water pipeline, water resources
  • For repairing: repairing of old and damaged waterproofing  membranes

Physical properties:

Color  white
Density 1.25 ± ۰.۱ g/cm3
Components 1
% Solid volume 51%
% Solid weight 60%
Diluent solvent water
Consumption 2-3 kg/m(for 1mm thickness)
Elongation More than 300%
Tensile strength More than 1 MPa
Thermal resistance >+100°c
Flexibility at 0°c ½’’ mandrel
Packaging 18 Kg Pail


Processing properties

      @ ۲۵ºc:


Dust free time 2-3 hours
Post curing time 72 hours (1mm thickness)

Application Guide Direction:

Surface preparation:

Concrete surfaces

The surface should be free of any contamination, dust and loos area, therefore using water jet is recommended for surface preparation. Repairing of holes  & cavities and damaged areas with repairing mortars is recommended.

Metal surfaces

The surface should be prepare with suitable way (sand blasting, shot blasting) in order to remove rust, oxidized layers and contaminations to obtain better adhesion. Minimum degree of prepared surface is Sa2½. Before flooring, using of anti-corrosion primer is recommended.

Application procedure:

Mix bucket contents with hand mixer. For concrete surfaces before application of main layer, material should be mix with water by 1:1 ratio to permeate into concrete pores and increase adhesion. To get better quality, time interval between layers (min 18 hours) should be respected. Depending on required thickness, coating can be applied with airless spray, roller or brush.

Important Advices

POLYROOF-W should not be store or use at below zero temperature

Storage :

6 months in Warehouse at 5-35 °c.

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