Over the past 40 years, Jonoob Protective Coatings Co. (POLYGUM) has been produced high quality anti-corrosion and waterproofing coatings for different industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, Water and wastewater, Construction and infrastructure.

As structures and facilities are threatened by natural attacks such as corrosive environments, water penetration and the like, ensuring long-lasting durability of material, ranging from metal to concrete, is our main goal.

Accordingly, our product range includes anti-corrosion and protective coating systems for metal and concrete structures, pipeline coatings systems, waterproofing and repairing systems for concrete, concrete admixtures, joint sealants, industrial paints and coatings, flooring systems and etc.

Identifying industries’ needs, presenting high quality systems and serving trustful customer service are what we are going for.
We continue focusing on understanding the customers’ needs to develop new products.