Versatile epoxy resin

INDUFLOOR-IB1270 is a two component epoxy resin with the following properties:

• solvent free

• transparent

• low viscosity

• consolidating

• pore blocking

• withstands mechanical loading

• watertight

• resistant to dilute alkalis, acids, aqueous salt solutions, lubricants

• tendency to yellowing.

Areas of application

INDUFLOOR-IB1270 is used

• as a pore blocking primer for cement-based surfaces that will be coated with INDUFLOOR systems

• for producing levelling and scratch coats to prepare surfaces for coatings.

• for producing epoxy resin screeds

• as an impregnator and substrate consolidator.

Technical Data

Basis: two component epoxy resin


Viscosity:approx. 130 ± ۲۰ mPA•s at +25° C

Mixing ratio:100:27 parts by weight

Density: approx. 1,08 ± ۰,۰۲ g/cm3

Pot life: approx. 30 minutes at  +۲۳° C

Application temperature: min. approx. +10° C,max. approx. +30° C

Foot traffic after: min. approx. 12 hours at +23° C

Overcoat after: approx. 12 hours up to a max. 24 hours at +23° C

Fully cured: after approx. 7 days at +23° C Min. cure temperature: +10° C

Cleaning: Clean work tools thoroughly after use with INDU-IB Cleanser

Packaging: INDUFLOOR-IB1270 is available in 1, 3, 10 and ۳۰ kg containers. Other sizes are available on request. Components A and B are delivered at a pre-determined mix ratio.

Shelf Life: 24 months when stored dry and cool above +10° C in the original unopened container.

Surface preparation:

  • The area to be treated must be:
  • dry, firm, sound and have a good grip
  • free from separating and adhesion inhibiting substances such as dust, laitance, grease, oil, rubber marks, paint residues and similar.

Use suitable means to prepare the substrate dependent on its condition such as e.g. sweeping, vacuuming, brushing, planing, scabbling, grit-blasting, shot blasting. The following criteria are to be observed dependent on the particular substrate:

Cementitious surfaces:

• Concrete quality: min. C20/25

• Screed quality: min. EN 13813 CT-C25-F4

• Age: min. 28 days

• Tensile adhesion

• Residual moisture: < 4.0% (carbide hygrometer)

• Protected against moisture acting from the rear • Render quality: PIIIa/PIIIb • Age: min. 28 days

• Tensile adhesion strength: = 0.8 N/mm2

• Residual moisture: < 4.0% (carbide hygrometer)

• Protected against moisture acting from the rear

strength: = 1.5 N/mm2[/tab] [tab title=”Product preparation”]Components A (resin) and B (hardener) are delivered at a predetermined mixing ratio. Tip component B into component A. Ensure that the hardener drains

completely from its container. Mixing of the components is to be carried out with a suitable mixer at approx. 300 rpm (e.g. drill with paddle). It is important to

also stir from the sides and the bottom to ensure that the hardener is evenly dispersed. Stir until the mix is homogenous (free from streaks); mixing time 3 minutes. The minimum temperature during mixing should be +15° C. Do not use mixed material directly from the packaging. Decant the material into a clean container and mix through thoroughly once again.


When using the product ensure that it is applied by flooding evenly over the prepared substrate. Irregularities lead to capillary active pores in the cured priming coat and promote the formation of bubbles especially osmosis bubbles. To ensure that

the priming coat has filled all pores, apply a second coat. Pore blocking can also be ensured through the application of a second layer of a dense smoothing mortar. This smoothing mortar is produced from the priming resin with the addition of quartz sand. When adding aggregates (e.g. quartz sand) ensure that the aggregate is dry and also has a temperature of approx. +15° C.

Production of levelling / scratch coats:

INDUFLOOR-IB1270:   ۱.۰ part by weight

Quartz sand: approx. 1.0 part by weight

(grain: e.g. 0.2 – ۰.۷ mm)

INDU-FibreFiller: approx. 2 – ۳ % by weight

The quartz sand is mixed with the previously mixed and decanted resin and hardener components. Ensure that the liquid and solid components are evenly mixed together. Before application on vertical or steeply sloping surfaces it is recommended that with levelling/ scratch coats INDU-FibreFiller is added. The addition rate lies between 4 – ۵ % by weight dependent on the degree of slope.

Production of epoxy resin screeds:

Thickness: aprox. 5 – ۱۵ mm

INDUFLOOR-IB1270:   ۱.۰ part by weight

Quartz sand: 6.8 – ۷.۰ parts by weight

Grain: 0.06 – ۱.۵ mm ø

Thickness: 15 – ۴۰ mm

INDUFLOOR-IB1270:   ۱.۰ part by weight

Quartz sand: 9.0 – ۱۰.۰ parts by weight

Grain: 0.06 – ۳.۵ mm ø

Compressive strength:    approx. 34 N/mm2

Flexural strength: approx. 9 N/mm2

Consumption: approx. 2.0 kg/m2/mm

Other Description 

Method of application/consumption:


Flood apply INDUFLOOR-IB1270 to block pores in one coat.


approx. 300 – ۶۰۰ g/m2


• Overcoat the primed area within 12 hours and up to a maximum of 24 hours.

• Primer that has not been broadcast with sand may only be walked on with clean overshoes.

• When a thin following coat is applied with a smooth surface at a thickness < 1.0 mm then broadcasting with sand can be omitted.

• When INDUFLOOR-IB1270 has quartz sand broadcast into it, priming must be carried out in two coats. The second coat is to be applied after a waiting time of 12 hours minimum but within a further 12 hours. Broadcast the second layer of  primer with quartz sand (grain: e.g. 0.1 – ۰.۶ mm). Consumption: approx. 0.8 – ۱.۰ kg/m2.


Do not broadcast to excess. Once hardened carefully remove all non-bound quartz sand before roller applied or flowing coatings, scratch coatings or screeds are applied.

Levelling/scratch coat:

Firstly prime the floor with INDUFLOOR-IB1270. Consumption: approx 300 – ۶۰۰ g/m2. The mixed smoothing compound is skim applied in one coat. Consumption of finished smoothing compound: approx. 1600 g/m2/mm.

Health and Safety:

Once cured, INDUFLOOR-IB1270 is considered harmless. The hardener (B) component is corrosive. When using this product consult the Government Health and Safety protective directive, data sheet M 023 as well as the advice given on the packaging.

Important advice:

• Higher temperatures shorten the pot life. Lower temperatures increase the pot life and curing time. Material consumption is also increased at lower temperatures.

• The bond between the individual coats can be heavily impeded through the influence of moisture or contamination between successive applications.

• When longer waiting times occur between application of the coats or where surfaces already treated with liquid resin must be re-coated after a long time, the surface must be well cleaned and abraded, after which a completely new pore free sealing should be undertaken. It is not sufficient to simply overcoat.

• Protect surface protective systems from moisture (e.g. rain) for approx. 4 – ۶ hours after application. Dampness produces a white discolouration and/or stickiness on the surface and can impede the cure. Discoloured and/or sticky surfaces should be taken off e.g. by abrading and renewed

• Applications that are not clearly explained in this technical data sheet may only be carried  out after consultation with and written confirmation from the Technical Services Department of SCHOMBURG.

• Cured product residues are to be disposed of under waste disposal classification AVV 150106

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