FIX 10-S

FIX 10-S Art.-No. 2 01819 Plugging cement

• Chloride free
• Highly reactive rapid setting cement
• Immediately starts to set upon addition of water
• For interior and exterior use
Areas of application:
Immediate waterproofing of water leaks, water penetration and seepage in cellars, shafts, tunnels etc.
Technical Data:
Basis: cement, additives
Colour: cement grey
Bulk density: approx. 1.2 kg/dm3 Substrate/application
temperature: +5° C to +30° C
Start of setting: immediately after water addition
Consumption: approx. 2 kg per litre of void
Storage: dry, 12 months in the original unopened packaging. Use opened packaging promptly.
Packaging: 6 and 12 kg plastic buckets
Substrate preparation: The substrate must be sound, load-bearing, clean and free from adhesion inhibiting materials. Remove loose render and masonry sections. To improve the anchoring of FIX 10-S, chop out the leaking area, as necessary, to form a swallow tail before plugging.

Product application:
Plugging of leaks can be achieved by pressing FIX 10-S, in the dry form, into the leaking area by hand. If the leaking area is not sealed by the first plugging attempt, FIX 10-S can be applied again followed by several coats of AQUAFIN-F, which is then included within the surface applied waterproof membrane selected.
• Protect areas not being treated with FIX 10-S.
• Carry out appropriate preliminary tests.
• If the leakage area is large, we recommend the AQUAFIN-1F and AQUAFIN-1K system.
• Do not mix FIX 10-S with or bring into contact with gypsum.
Please observe a valid EU Health & Safety Data Sheet.

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