After curing, the material is tough, flexible and resistant to earth movement and shaking.

• Odorless
• Resistant to water, salts, alkalis and most aggressive materials.
• Resistant to corrosive agents of soil and wastewater
• Resistant to temperature changes
• Can be diluted by water

Main uses:
Plastikol is suitable as a waterproof, flexible layer with or without imbedded fiber reinforcement for concrete, screed or fully jointed masonry, in foundations, basements, shafts, containers, basement, garages, tunnels, etc

Application Guide:
– surface preparation
Plastikol must be applied on clean, firm backings. Non-absorbent surfaces may be dry or damp. Absorbent surfaces must be moistened before application. It is not suitable for use on zinc and aluminum.

– Preparation of material:
First stir the liquid then shake the entire quantity of powder into the liquid. Both components are stirred using a mixer machine by 400-700 rpm and at least 450 watts. During consolidation stirring must continue.
For preparation of smaller mixes use 1 part by volume powder to 3 parts by volume liquid. Mixing is also possible at high outside temperatures, but temperature of the material during preparation must not exceed +30°c and not be less than +5°c. material which is too warm should be cooled down in a water bath, when necessary.
Do not leave the container exposed to sun or in high temperature, since heat accelerates setting. Working time 1-2 hours, according to outside temperature. Stirring paddles and tools must be rinsed in a water bath immediately after use to prevent the material sticking.

– Application:
The application of the entire thickness of the insulating layer is done in one operation with a glazing trowel, brush or spray. For fairly large surfaces where there is a risk of cracking, insertion of a bed of acrylic/PP fiber or glass wool reinforcement to obtain uniform layers of greater thickness is recommended. Apply 2-3 mm of Plastikol, then acrylic fiber or glass wool on top with an overlap of about 2 cm and then apply the remainder of the Plastikol. The total amount of Plastikol applied should be 4-6 Kg/m2.

The material should not be exposed to frost before setting. Application to frozen backings is not possible. Avoid direct sun light during application. Storage:
Plastikol liquid solidifies in frosty conditions; therefore the emulsion should be protected from the frost and stored in frost-free conditions.


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