ASO®-Joint-Tape-2000 Art.-No. 2 05936
Waterproof tape and corner pieces for standard applications

• Composite material
• Elastic
• Tear resistant
• Thin build-up
• Impermeable to water
• UV stabilised
• Very low emissions
• Highly resistant to aggressive media
• Guarantees the quick drying of adhesives and waterproof membranes, which contain water

Areas of application:
ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 is used for forming waterproof movement joints and junctions in waterproof membranes such as e.g. SANIFLEX, SANIFIN, AQUAFIN-1K-PREMIUM, AQUAFIN-2K, AQUAFIN-2K/M, AQUAFIN-RS300 and ASOFLEX-AKB. ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 is easy to use and forms an integral bond with the named waterproof membranes. ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 fulfills the requirements of the DIBt test principles and the ZDB data sheet “Bonded waterproof membranes”, which are valid for wet duty classes A, B and C. We recommend its use e.g. in bathrooms and kitchens, in living accommodation, private and public sanitary facilities, balconies and terraces (wet duty classes A0, B0, A).
In swimming pools (wet duty class B, pool shells and pool surrounds), in wet duty class C, wall/floor junctions in areas in direct contact with the ground, as well as for structural movement joints use ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S. ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 is suitable for use in interior rooms in accordance with the AgBB evaluation scheme (Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products) and the French VOC by law. Very low emissions in accordance with GEV-EMICODE, which as a rule, lead to a positive evaluation within the scope of Building Certification schemes in accordance with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, HQE. Highest quality level 4, rows 9, 35, 44 in accordance with DGNB criteria “ENV 1.2 local environmental impact”.
Technical Data:
Basis: composite material fleece-membrane-fleece
Colour: white with SCHOMBURG lettering
Weight: approx. 150 to 190 g/m² Internal angles approx. 3.5 g / piece External angles approx. 5 g / piece
Thickness: approx. 0.37 mm ± ۰.۱ mm
Internal/external angles 0.5 mm ± ۰.۱ mm
Testing: Component of the SANIFIN waterproof system. Fulfills the requirements of the “test principles for the granting of a general technical test certificate for waterproofing materials in combination with tiled finishes, part 2 sheet form bonded waterproof membranes” for the procurement of an abP. MPA Braunschweig test certificate No.: P-5078/818/08-MPA BS Emissions testing to: EMICODE from the GEV, VOC France, VOC to the AgBB evaluation scheme for interiors Tolerated movement
accommodation: max. 30% of the joint width
Bursting pressure: > 2 bar
Sd value: < 30 m ± ۵ m Water vapour permeability to DIN EN 1931 Reaction to fire to
DIN 4102-1: B2 UV resistance to
DIN EN ISO 4892-2: minimum 500 hrs

Temperature: resistance, min/max.: -22° C to +90° C Breaking force, longitudinal to DIN 527-3: > 50 N / 15 mm Breaking force,  transverse to DIN 527-3: > 32 N / 15 mm Elongation, transverse to DIN 527-3: > 60% Chemical resistance after 7 days storage at +22° C with the following chemicals: Hydrochloric acid 3%, sulphuric acid 35%, Citric acid 100 g/l, Lactic acid 5%, Potassium hydroxide 20%, Sodium hydroxide 0.3 g/l, Salt water 20 g/l (sea salt)
Packaging: Joint-Tape: Width 120 mm and 200 mm, ± ۲ mm Rolls of 10 and 50 m (up to a cut length / 15 m)
Joint-Tape-Corners: 20 pieces per box
Internal angles: 12 cm wide
External angles: 12 cm wide
Storage: 24 months when stored cool and dry protected from sunlight and weather influences Pre-formed

ASO-Joint tape-2000-S
ASO-Joint tape-2000-Sanitary
ASO-Joint tape-2000-T-sections
ASO-Joint tape-2000-crosses
ASO-Joint tape-2000-S wide sections

Substrate preparation:
All usual substrates, which are correctly prepared and suitable for use with the installation of waterproof membranes or tiled finishes in the appropriate wet duty classes (ZDB data sheet ‘bonded waterproof membranes’). Fine, non-penetrative cracks on the surface of < 0.1 mm are acceptable. Product application: Joint waterproofing, wall and floor junctions and bay defining movement joints: Using the waterproof membrane, bond ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 or ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 internal/ external angles for use in corners, at the transition between wall and floor as well as interface joints, to the prepared area without voids or folds. Where structural movement joints / movement joints cross over, ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-T sections or ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 crosses are available, which permit them to be laid in a looped formation at cross over points. Butt joints must be overlapped by 5 to 10 cm. Ensure that a watertight connection between the wall and the surface applied waterproof membrane is produced.
1. Coat both sides of the joint to be bridged with the waterproof membrane to a width of at least 2 cm wider than the waterproof tape, e.g. with a 4 – ۶ mm notched trowel. Then thoroughly work the joint tape, without voids or folds, into the waterproof membrane using a steel trowel or pressure roller. Ensure that, as far as possible, a full bed and wetting out is achieved. Bonding must be performed in such as way as to exclude the migration of water behind the joint tape.
3. The joint tape is to be worked into movement joints as a loop

4. Overlap butt joints within joint tape sections or at interfaces with all joint tape pre-formed pieces and angles by a minimum of 5 to 10 cm and bond with
the waterproof membrane, without voids or folds. Overcoat with the chosen waterproof membrane.
• Follow recognised building technology regulations.
• Remove adhesive strips from the pre-cut sections of the waterproof tape roll as necessary. Overlap at junctions as described in point 4 of product application.
• Joints, which are to be secured with ASO-Joint-Tape-2000, must be protected from mechanical damage.
• Do not bond or overcoat ASO-Joint-Tape-2000 with solvent based products.
• Perimeter, bay and structural movement joints are to be brought through or inserted at the designed position and stopped with a suitable material e.g.
edging strip.
• Observe the relevant current regulations.
E.g DIN 18157

The BEB information sheets, distributed by the Bundesverband Estrich und Belag e.V. The ZDB information sheets, distributed by the
professional association of the German tile industry:
[*1] “Bonded waterproof membranes”
[*۳] “Movement joints in wall and floor tile finishes”
[*۵] “Ceramic tiles, natural stone and cementbound composite slabs on cement-based floor constructions with insulation”
[*۶] “Ceramic tiles, natural stone and cement-bound composite slabs on heated cement-based floor constructions”

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