RB-GROUT has a fast curing agent and permeable to concrete Conforming to the requirements of ASTM C881, ASTM E1512 Standard and used for anchoring in concrete structures. This product is 100% solid and it is suitable for strengthen of substrate and where the concrete has no enough strength.

• Fast set
• Three-component in the packages fit together
• High strength
• Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
• High resistance against abrasion, scratch and dynamic loading
• High tensile and bending strength
• Self-compactible
• Flowing mixture
• Can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces
• Resistant to water and chemical solution
• Resistant to physical changes
• Long-lasting durability

Main uses :
• Installation and fixing of metal/ concrete/ stone parts
• anchoring and anchor bolt

Application guide direction:
The surface must be dry and free from oil, grease, dust, rust or any impurity and loos area. First of all, mix part A and C with an electric mixer for 3 minute to ensure of perfect mixing. Afterward add par B to mixture and continue the mixing until a homogenous mixture is obtained. Please pour ready mixture into holes in less than 20 minute, and put the reinforcements into it and be sure about perfect contact between reinforcements and grout.
– Important Advices
The reaction between components is exothermic, so in warm environments mixture components will set more quickly.
Do not open the packages till application time. Should be stored in a sealed container after opening. Before back to service, please check out and be sure about setting the grout. RB-GROUT components are flammable and don’t put them near the heat sources and flame. In cold environments these component will be more viscose, so please put these components in room temperature about 3 hours before usage.

– Storage :
12 months in unopened drums. Keep away from extreme heat, freezing, and moisture. The use of drum heaters is encouraged to reduce material viscosity at low temperatures.
– Warning :
This product may cause allergic problems when contacts with skin or inhaled. Special clothes, masks and anti-chemicals gloves should be utilized during process. Protective creams and glosses should be used in order to protect skin and eyes, respectively.

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