Expandable high strength grout based on cement Description:
POLYGROUT-001 is a ready to use powder grout. After mixing with water will be a flowing mortar. This product is without shrinkage and will expand in two stages.

• High ultimate strength
• Easy mixing with water
• Easy pouring
• Desired fluidity
• Without cracks and shrinkage under dynamic loading
• Normal setting time
• Corrosion protection
• Adjustable concentration (with water)
• Very high adhesion to concrete and steel

Main uses :

It can be used for pouring grout, leveling and filling the voids in:
• under the column
• machinery foundation
• Under crane railing
• Prefabricated columns

Application guide direction
– Surface preparation
This is recommended concrete surfaces to be clean, without oil/ grease/ dust/ paint/ cement contamination and loos area. Metal surfaces to be free from grease/ oil/ dust. It is better for water absorbent surfaces to be wet and saturated. It is essential to avoid the standing films of water before grouting.
– Mixing
Please add water to powder and stir the mixture slowly until smooth and homogenous paste is obtained. Inside surface of mixer should be wet (pour water into mixer then add the powder during stirring) afterward stir the mixture 3-5 minutes.

– Application process:
The grout must be used after mixing immediately. At the end of work tools should be wash with water quickly. Exposed surfaces should be cured with curing agent or covered with wet sack. POLYGROUT-001 can be applied with injection pumps. The thickness of poured grout is 10 to 100 mm. Please avoid adding too much water and grout dilution.
– Important Advices
• Please not, set grout must not be diluted with water not at all.
• If the pocket is open, use the whole powder.
• The surfaces that not supposed to grouting with POLYGROUT-001 should be protected.
– Storage :
12 months in original packing and dry place. Keep away from freezing.
– Warning:
POLYGROUT-001 contains cement and it gives an alkaline reaction with water. So please avoid the contact with eye and skin. In case of contact please wash with a lot of cold water and refer to the doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

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