MB-GROUT has a fast curing agent and permeable to concrete. Conforming to the requirements of P606 Standard: for fixing light baseplates in concrete paving of airport, car pathway and landing band. 100% solid and it is suitable for strengthen of substrate and where the concrete has no enough strength.

• Fast set
• Three-component in the packages fit together
• High strength
• High resistance against abrasion, scratch and dynamic loading
• Low gel time
• Flowing mixture
• Can be applied with rake, spatula and trowel
• Can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces
• Resistant to water and most liquids
• Resistant to physical changes
• Long-lasting durability

Main uses :
• Repairing of defect concrete surfaces
• fixing light baseplates in heavy duty surfaces
• Filling expansion joints beneath seamless flooring
• As anchoring grout

Application guide direction:
– Surface preparation for priming:
The surface must be free from oil, grease, dust or any impurity. If the concrete surface is wet surface should dry and in case of mild humidity you should use INDUFLOOR-1B 1240 primer. Before grouting expansion joint should be prepare.
Application of PFEP-2020 or PFEP- 2168primer:
Please mix required amount of 2 components and use it fast, otherwise material do exothermic reaction and form a solid mass rapidly. 2 components mix with an agitator or mixer for 1 minute until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Apply primer on the surface and concrete pores. It can be applied in thicker layer in the special cases or heavy duty application or where the primer has been absorbed into concrete pores.
Surface preparation for grouting:
Before grouting, applying a suitable primer is necessary, after priming and surface drying, if the surface is polluted please clean it and afterward pour MB GROUT.

– Grout mixing:
Mixing ratio is 2: 1: 10 (A: B: C). if lower amount of silica was used, the grout will be more flowing and when higher amount of silica was used, the grout will be more viscous. In order to achieve more resistance, strength and fast setting the silica was added to grout. First of all please mix part A and B with desired ratio A/B = 2/1 %weight. Required amount of silica is depend on mixture weight. For example if we have 1 kg of two components mixture, 3.3 kg silica will be needed, so we will have 4.3 kg MB-GROUT.
– Grouting:
After mixing of three components, MB-GROUT pour into joints. Grout should cover the substrate perfectly and fill all concrete pores and fill the gap between baseplates and foundation. Pouring can be performed by trowel, spatula and rake.
– Important Advices
Do not open the packages till application time. Should be stored in a sealed container after opening. Before back to service, please check out and be sure about setting the grout. Before pouring on concrete be sure about cleaning and drying of inside holes.
– Storage :
12 months in unopened drums. Keep away from extreme heat, freezing, and moisture. The use of drum heaters is encouraged to reduce material viscosity at low temperatures.

– Warning :
This product may cause allergic problems when contacts with skin or inhaled. Special clothes, masks and anti-chemicals gloves should be utilized during process. Protective creams and glosses should be used in order to protect skin and eyes, respectively.

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