Mineral-based corrosion protection and bonding agent

INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 is a mineral-based, polymer modified mortar, which can be used as a corrosion protection and bonding agent, with the following


• Ready to use after mixing with water

• Resistant to saponification

• Resistant to frost and de-icing salts

• Very easy to use even on vertical and “overhead” areas.

Substrate preparation:

Before application of INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 exposed steel reinforcement must be de-rusted to DIN EN ISO 12944-4 (in accordance with standard purity 2.5). The concrete reinforcement must be dry, dust and grease free. Cementitious surfaces must be solid with a good key and be load-bearing, free from cement laitance, loose particles as well as adhesion inhibiting substances (oil, grease, rubber marks, paint residues or other contamination). Preparation of the substrate is necessary such as e.g. grit blasting, shot blasting, high pressure jet washing (500–۲۰۰۰ bar), scabbling or planing. Minimum concrete substrate age: 28 days.

Areas of application:

INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 is used as corrosion protection for steel reinforcement in concrete restoration and simultaneously as a bonding agent on concrete and mortar substrates. INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 is a component of the concrete restoration system with the product INDUCRET-BIS-5/40.

Typical Properties

Basis: cement

Particle size:up to 0.5 mm

Bulk density: ۱.۲ kg/dm3

Working life: approx. 60 minutes at +20 °C

Application temp: min. approx. +5 °C, max. approx. +30 °C Waiting time before application of second coat:

Corrosion protection:min. 24 hours (when applied by hand)min. 72 hours (mechanical application)

Bonding agent:wet in wet

Cleaning: Thoroughly clean tools with water after use.

Packaging: 6 kg and 25 kg bags

Storage: 12 months when stored dry in the original unopened packaging.

 Abrasion resistance required for concrete substrates: min. 1.5 N/mm²

Other Description:

Product preparation:

 ۱. Production of the corrosion protection/ Bonding agent:

 • INDUCRET-BIS-0/2    ۲۵ kg

 • Water 5.5 – ۵.۷۵ litres

 Mix INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 with a suitable stirrer (max. 300 rpm) or in a forced paddle mixer (mixing time approx. 3 – ۵ minutes) until a homogenous and lump free consistency is achieved. After a maturing time of approx. 2 minutes stir through briefly once again. Only mix as much material as can be used within the above mentioned timings.

Application tools:

Corrosion protection: paint brush

Bonding agent: hard broom, brush

Application method/consumption:

Corrosion protection:

Evenly apply INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 in two coats with a paint brush to the de-rusted steel reinforcement to thoroughly cover it. Once the second coat has hardened, the bonding agent followed by the repair mortar can be applied.

Bonding agent:

Brush the INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 with a suitable broom into the prepared matt damp substrate ensuring complete coverage and that the pores are filled. The subsequent application e.g. with the repair mortar INDUCRET-BIS-5/40 must be applied whilst the bonding agent is still wet.

Material consumption:

Corrosion protection / Bonding agent:

Approx. 1.6 kg/m2/mm thickness, 1.0 litre/mix = 2.03 kg

Health & Safety:

INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 contains cement that forms an alkaline reaction with moisture. Therefore contact with the eyes and skin is to be avoided and mortar splashes are to be thoroughly washed off immediately with plenty of water. On contact with the eyes, seek medical attention from an eye specialist. Please store INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 out of the reach of children.

Important advice:

• Prior to implementing any concrete restoration measures the actual condition should generally be assessed by an authorised expert and/or a Structural Engineer. The inspection protocol is to be given  to the contractor before the commencement of the restoration works.

• Areas not being treated are to be protected from the effects of INDUCRET-BIS-0/2.

• Cover with suitable sheeting to protect against rain.

• Only use mains water of drinking quality when preparing INDUCRET-BIS-0/2. Do not add additional water or powder to material that has begun to stiffen in an attempt to restore the original consistency. This can result in inadequate bonding.

• Applications that are not clearly explained in this technical data sheet may only be carried

out after consultation with and written confirmation from the Technical Services Department of SCHOMBURG ICS GmbH.

• Observe the “Additional technical contractual terms and regulations” from the ZTV-ING.

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