ASOCRET-RS Art.-No. 2 05538
Rapid hardening repair mortar

Description: ASOCRET-RS is a rapid hardening, non-shrink repair mortar.
Areas of Application:
Application on horizontal concrete surfaces especially on heavily stressed Industrial areas such as Industrial flooring, parking facilities, ramps and other similar
commercial areas.

ASOCRET-RS is a low shrinking mortar. It is for interior and exterior use without corroding substances. Good processability of the flexible, pasty and stable mortar. It can be applied in one coat for layer thicknesses of between 6 and 50 mm

Technical Data:
Basis: cement bounded mortar
Color: grey
Bulk density: 1,6 kg/dm3
Pot life: approx. 15 to 30 minutes. at +20°C ambient temp. with 65% r.h.

Application/ substrate temp.: +5° C up to +25° C Strengths*):

Compressive Bending tensile strength strength
after 1 hour approx. 6 N/mm² ۰ , ۹ N/mm²
after 3 hours approx. 35 N/mm² ۷,۰ N/mm²
after 24 hours approx. 40 N/mm² ۷,۲ N/mm²
after 7 days approx. 60 N/mm² ۷,۸ N/mm²
after 28 days approx. 65 N/mm² ۸,۰ N/mm²

*) The above mentioned values are based on average laboratory values at an ambient temp. of 20°C with 65% of relative air humidity.

ASOCRET-RS is delivered in 25 kg packs.

When stored in a dry condition in its unopened original package, 6 months.

Surface Preparation:
The surface must be free from dust, dirt or bondbreaking agents. Loose edge strips have to be removed. The substrate shall be moistened prior to application. Border areas for correction are to be chiseled 10 mm deep. The repair area should always be moistened but avoid puddle formations. Highest levels of the worked surface should be coated with minimum 6 mm. of ASOCRET-RS.

Product preparation:
Add to 25 kg ASOCRET-RS with approx. 2,25 l – ۲,۵ l clean water into a clean mixing container and pre-mix with a mechanical hand drill with agitator (approx. 300 – 400 rpm) until a lump free mass is achieved. Add subsequently about 1,0 l water to the required consistency and mix further 2 to 3 mins. Before filling the mixed ASOCRET-RS the area of repair should be prepared with a partial amount

Method of Application:
Add subsequently the required amount of mortar, close and level off the area with a finishing trowel. Do not mix more material than is required for handling within 15 minutes. The freshly applied mortar is to be protected from rapid drying out and keep moist for a period of at least 24 hours. Consumption is 1,7 kg to form 1 mm. layer thickness at 1m². Protect the freshly applied mortar from rapid drying out and keep moist for a period of at least 24 hours.

Cleaning: Clean tools with water right after the application. Health and Safety: Please refer to the MSDS for details.

Important Advices: Protect areas not to be treated from the effects of ASOCRET-RS. High temperatures shorten, lower temperatures lengthen the given pot life and curing time.

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