ASOCRET-IM Art.-No. 2 05523 Concrete repair mortar with crystalline waterproofing action

• Mineral-based.
• Water impermeable.
• Also suitable under hydrostatic water pressure.
• Vapour permeable.
• Easy to use.
• Supports self-healing of concrete.
• Can also be applied on damp substrates.

Areas of application:
ASOCRET-IM is used for watertight filling of opened-up cracks and cavities that are to be covered subsequently with AQUAFIN-IC. Alternatively ASOCRET-IM can also be used to form coved fillets.

Technical Data:
Basis: sand/cement, inorganic
Colour: grey
Loose density: 1.4 kg/dm3
Water demand: 3.75 – ۴.۲۵ litres per 25 kg bag Mixing time: 3 minutes (drill mixer at 300 – ۷۰۰ rpm)
Pot life: approx. 30 minutes (+23° C / 50% RH) Application/
Surface temperature: +5° C to +30° C. Lower temperatures shorten, higher temperatures lengthen the setting time
Cleaning: Cleaning of equipment whilst still fresh with water. Remove dried-on material with ASO-R005 cleaner.
Compressive strength: approx. 20 N/mm2 (after 28 days)
Storage: dry, 12 months in original unopened packaging. Use opened packaging immediately.

Packaging: 25 kg bag
Material comsumption:
• U shaped cracks cut out to 20 x 25 mm: approx. 1.3 kg/m.
• Coved fillets approx. 38 mm haunch height: approx. 1.3 kg/m.

Surface preparation:
Use ASOCRET-IM exclusively on concrete and reinforced concrete substrates that are clean, sound, load-bearing, open-pored and porous. Abrade smooth and dense substrates. Contaminated surfaces should be appropriately prepared by a suitable method (e.g. sand-blasting, high pressure jetting, shot-blasting or grit blasting). Dampen substrates well with water but avoid the formation of puddles. Plug water leaks with FIX-10-S or FIX 20-T. Chisel out static cracks to a minimum width of 20 mm and a minimum depth of 25 mm. Before filling, pre-coat the sides with AQUAFIN-IC and seal up to the surface with ASOCRET-IM whilst the bond coat is still wet. Repair dynamic cracks by injecting AQUAFIN-P1/P4. Form cement-based coved fillets at the wall/base slab junction as well as at corners and edges. Apply a slurry bonding coat of AQUAFIN-IC to the substrate when forming coved fillets, with an approx. 4 cm side length and apply the ASOCRET-IM whilst it is still wet. After approx. 1 – 3 hours overcoat the ASOCRET-IM with AQUAFIN-IC. If this is not possible then roughen up the surface again once fully hardened and coat with AQUAFIN-IC.

Product preparation:
Pour 3.75 – ۴.۲۵ litres of clean water into a mixing bucket and thoroughly stir in as much dry powder (drill with paddle 300 – ۷۰۰ rpm) until a lump-free homogenous trowellable paste is achieved. Apply the mortar with a trowel or float. Only mix sufficient material that can be used within 30 minutes. Application to larger areas can be carried out up to max. 10 mm thickness in one layer.

Important advice:
• A sound substrate is a pre-requisite for a durable bond between substrate and coating system. Weakly bonded substances or those that interfere with bonding must be completely removed. High pressure jetting (> 400 bar) with rotating spray head, very high pressure jetting (up to 2.000 bar) and blasting with solid blasting abrasives are suitable methods. The final cleaning method must be a water jet method.
• Protect areas not be treated from the effects of ASOCRET-IM.
• Do not apply to frozen substrates.
• ASOCRET-IM may not be used as an additive for concrete or renders i.e. it may not be mixed with such products.
• The reaction between ASOCRET-IM and free lime in the concrete can lead to small incidences of efflorescence. This is not a defect and can be brushed away.
• Do not apply to dry substrates.
• Use suitable protective measures to prevent ASOCRET-IM from dewatering too quickly.
• Varying final colour depends on the varying moisture content of the concrete.
Please observe a valid EC safety data sheet.

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