Areas of Application

• It can be used on surfaces like concrete, screed, plaster, etc.

• It can be used at vertical and horizontal applications, interior applications, finishing works as a finish repair mortar.

• It can be used as a surface coving mortar.

• It can be used as a repair mortar and pore filling mortar on any concrete surface.

• It can be used to repair edges of joint places if the edges are damaged.


• It is suitable for construction strengthening applications.

• It is easy to prepare, only mix with water.

• Easy application.

• It is resistant to frost.

• Non-corrosive and non-toxic.

• Stops Carbon dioxide diffusion, therefore protects reinforcement bars.

• It has excellent physical properties. [/tab] [tab title=”Technical Data”]Color: Grey

Specific gravity:

powder: 1,20 kg/l at 20ºC

Compression strength*:    ۲۳ N/mm² in 7 days 30-40 N/mm² in 28 days

Flexural strength*: 6 N/mm² in 7 days 7 N/mm² in 28 days

Adhesion strength*: 1,5 N/mm² (to concrete)

* All strength values are measured at 23°C and 60% relative humidity.

Pot life: 30-40 minutes at 20-23ºC

Application temperature:  +۵ºC – +30ºC

Application thickness: 1-5 mm

Other Description


When stored in a dry condition in its unopened original package, 6 months.


ASOCRET-105 is delivered in 25 kg sacks.

 Surface Preparation:

Any material which can prevent adhesion, such as oil, loose particles, etc. shall be removed from the surface and the surface must be wet. At high temperatures the surface must be saturated with water prior to the application.

Product Preparation:

ASOCRET-105 (water : powder = 1: 5 by weight) shall be mixed with water. For a 25 kg pack approx. 5 liter water is adequate. Pour appropriate amount of clean water into a container, and then pour the material slowly whilst stirring. After, use a slow speed mixer (maximum 500 rpm) to mix for 3 minutes. Add powder into the mix until desired mix is obtained. For the highest strength values, maximum water/powder ratio is 20/100.

Method of Application:

Apply ASOCRET-105 by a spatula or a trowel. When it begins to dry, use a plastic trowel or a sponge to smooth the surface. During applications under direct sunlight or under wind effect, wet the surface periodically. Consumption, with respect to the surface conditions, to form 2 mm layer thickness, varies between 3-4 kg/m².


Clean tools with water right after the application.

Health and Safety:

Please refer to the MSDS for details.

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