Polywrap Primer

• Non-hardening and non-cracking
• Minimum surface preparation
• Resistant to water, salt, acidic/alkaline components
• Protection of new or rusted surfaces
• Service temperature about -10⁰C to +65⁰C Main uses:
The primer applies on surface to displace surface moisture and acts as a bonding agent prior to wrapping with anti-corrosion Polywrap Tape. Polywrap Primer can be applied on new surfaces or corroded one, in presence of moisture.

Application Guide:
Remove loose particles, contaminants, corrosion products and sharp edges using an abrasives tools such as manual, electric or wire brushes to achieve a minimum finishing of ST2.
Apply Polywrap Primer by hand or brush with a minimum thickness of 100 microns to provide a suitable sub layer.
Note: Polywarp Primer is not recommended if the coating is exposed to strong solvents.

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