Polywrap Anti-Corrosion Tape

Polywrap System is a uniform and integrated system including primer, mastic and anti-corrosion tape which causes durable protection due to minimum risk of delamination.

• Non-hardening and non-cracking
• Minimum surface preparation
• Resistant to water, salt, acidic/alkaline components
• Protection of new or already rusted surfaces
• Without any cracking, peeling or hardening Main uses:
• Protection of steel pipes, valves, flanges
• Protection of Welded pipe joints
• Protection of cooling tower’s pipes
• Protection of tank bases

Application Guide:
Remove loose particles, contaminants, oil, corrosion products and sharp edges using an abrasives tools such as manual, electric or wire brushes to achieve a minimum finish of ST2. Brush or hand apply Polywrap Primer over the entire area to displace remaining moisture Apply Polywrap Mastic on the surface irregularities to prevent air pockets, and form an even surface. Wrap Polywrap Tape in spiral way with a uniform tension without stretching. Wrapping starts from 9 o’clock position of the pipe with 55% overlapping over factory coating and the ends between 1 and 3 o’clock position the pipe while wrapping down. PE and PVC tapes, or geotextile and rock shields can be used to protect Polywrap Tape when surfaces are exposed to mechanical loading or UV.
Note: Polywarp Tape is not recommended if the coating is exposed to strong solvents.

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