This material has been designed for oil and gas industries in order to coat valves or other substrates which are difficult to coat because of complicated shape and need to use brush and in order to repair damaged parts of pipeline coatings or in cases that will be needed to 100% solid polyurethane with higher gel time.
A two-component, 100% solid, brush grade polyurethane coating, is an appropriate alternative to conventional coatings. Aromatic polyurethane with coal tar result in high chemical, thermal and corrosion resistance. POLYPIPE-BG202 is capable to permeate to surface pores because of the low density, and can be applied with brush or airless spray easily.

• ۱۰۰% solid, without VOC
• Resistant against solvents, alkalis and acids
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Very low permeability suitable hardness
• Easy application process and convenient repairing in field
• Can be applied with brush or spray and economical
• suitable hardness

Main uses :
• Protective coating for buried or exposed pipelines
• Coating of valves and cut backs
• Coating of equipment in power plants, petrochemical units and refineries
• Coating of substrates which are difficult to coat by spraying process
• Repairing of damaged areas
• In cases that high chemical resistance is needed

Application guide direction

Prior to application, A-component should should be mixed until forming a homogeneous liquid, after adding B-component the mixture should be mixed with suitable mixer and low rpm (400 rpm) until forming a homogeneous uniform liquid. Contaminated equipment should not be used to mix. POLYPIPE-BG202 is 100% solid material, so no solvent should be added to it during application process.

Surface treatment :
Surface should be completely clean, dry and free from contaminants like grease and loose particles. It is recommended prior to application the surface should be clean with napkins and acetone solvent and Surface treatment should include sand blast cleaning to a minimum of 50-70 microns anchor profile.

Ambient condition:
During coating application, the substrate temperature should be 3˚C more than dew point. High relative humidity may affect adhesion negatively. So maximum allowed relative humidity would be 85%. Pot life of paint depends on temperature and will be decreased with increase of temperature

Repairing of damaged areas:
The surface should be clean and rough and POLYPIPE -BG202 can be applied by brush, or spatula in several layers until desired thickness is achieved.

Limitation :
Do not open the packages till application time. Should be stored in a sealed container after opening.

12 months in factory delivered, unopened containers. Keep away from extreme heat, freezing and moisture.

This product may cause allergic problems if contacted with skin or inhaled. Special clothes, masks and gloves should be utilized during spraying process. Protective creams should be used in order to protect face and body skin.

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