Polypipe 8802

Conformity to EN 10290 Description:
A two-component, 100% solid, high qualified fast cure polyurethane coating with excellent corrosion resistance, great adhesion, suitable mechanical properties, as well as convenient application.

• Plural component ration (1:1 by volume)
• ۱۰۰% solid, without VOC
• Resistant against diluted alkalis, petroleum products, salts and water
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Very low permeability
• Fast reactivity and cure time
• Applicable in wide temperatures
• Fast back to service
• Coated pipes can be transported and installed immediately
• Excellent resistance against cathodic disbondment
• Excellent adhesion and hardness on steel substrates
• Resistant to puncture, impact and abrasion
• High build, can be applied to high thickness in one layer
• No need to primer Main uses :
• External pipeline coating for buried, immersed in sea or fresh water, or exposed conditions

External coatings for elbow, valves, joints, fittings …, buried or immersed in sea or fresh water.
• Piles and structure coating of steel piers
• Coating of on-shore and offshore structures
• External / internal coat for sea water inlets
• Coating of equipment in power plants, petrochemical units,
Physical properties @ 24ºC:

Application guide direction:
– Surface preparation :
Surface preparation should include blast cleaning to a minimum of 65 microns anchor profile. Then remove dusts by blowing compressed dry air. During blasting operation and coating application, the substrate temperature should be 3˚C more than dew point.
High relative humidity may affect adhesion negatively. So maximum allowed relative humidity would be 85%. In some cases pre heating of pipes may be needed. The substrate must be coated max in 8 hours after sand blasting, if not, the surface preparation process must be done again.
– Mixing:
Polypipe 8802 must not be diluted at all. Use appropriate solvent for purge line and flushing of equipment and if spraying stops for a period of time in excess of the pot-life of the material. Thoroughly mix Polypipe 8802 part A, B with air driven power equipment until a homogeneous mixture and color is obtained.
– Applications:
This material must be applied utilizing high-pressure, heated plural component spray proportioning equipment. Leave the cut backs (about 75 mm) uncoated.
– Limitation:
Do not open the packages till application time. Should be stored in a sealed container after opening.
– Equipment clean up :
Cured product may be disposed of without restriction. The un-cured Isocyanate and resin portions should be mixed together and disposed of in a normal manner. “Drip-free”
Containers should be disposed of according to local environmental laws and ordinances.
– Storage:
24 months in factory delivered, unopened drums. Keep away from extreme heat, freezing, and moisture. The use of drum heaters is encouraged to reduce material viscosity at low temperatures.
– Warning :
This product may cause allergic problems when contacts with skin or inhaled. Special clothes, masks and gloves should be utilized during spraying process. Protective creams and glosses should be used in order to protect skin and eyes, respectively.

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