Polygum Polyseal Tape

PolySeal Tape is a high quality bituminous SBS modified prefabricated membrane.
It’s available with non-woven polyester and fiberglass tissue reinforcements.
Outer layer: Polyethylene film or mineral powders.
Inner layer: Polyethylene film. Advantages:
• Impermeable to water
• High flexibility
• High tensile strength
• Excellent resistant against tearing, cracking, impact and hydrostatic pressures
• Ability to maintain flexibility in cold conditions
• Dimensional stability while heated.
• Resistance against weathering and UV
• Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete substrates Main uses:
• Insulation of welding joints
• Sealing of expansion and construction joints
• Sealing of concrete pipe joints Physical

Application Guide Direction:
The membrane should be installed by means of a torch. Underneath of the membrane should be heated to a level that bitumen is melted superficially and the reinforcement layer is not disturbed.
Overlaps should be then reheated from the top and resealed with a trowel to ensure seam integrity.
– Storage Conditions:
Store standing in closed conditions in (5-35) °c.

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