• A special elastomer compound that is hard enough to withstand flowing at applied temperature and it is soft enough to be able to stand and cover entire area around the welded profile
• With dome shape plastic plate and conductor wire tunnel
• Easy application and economical

Main uses:
Can be used on Anode conductor wires and welding wire surfaces.

Application Guide:
Surface preparation:
Clean all the surface from oil, grease, dust and contaminates and apply one layer of polygam primer 555 on the surface.

After drying the primer to the extent that it lose the glossiness (about 5 minutes) depends on temperature and humidity conditions, release HANDY CAP from non-stick paper and apply it on the welded surface, as the tunnel is above the conductor wire. Push HANDY CAP’s dome on the welded surface.
Separate conductor wire from pipe and push elastomeric component around and under the wire, afterward put conductor wire on the pipe surface and push elastomeric component on the whole surface, while there is total contact between film and pipe.
Important advices:
• surfaces which coated with HANDY CAP don’t need to any additional protection
• uncoated surfaces must be protected with mastic or coating tape

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