POLYSEAL-PU TAR Description:
A polyurethane based joint sealant, solvent-free, modified with coal tar, and very suitable for expansion joint sealing, ease of application and high leveling, very suitable for floor joints, suitable adhesion to concrete/steel/wood surfaces, suitable hardness, high flexibility and high chemical and microbial resistance.

• Without VOC
• Excellent resistance against Rapid temperature changes
• It has a wide range of easy application temperature
• high adhesion
• suitable flexibility
• Resistant against water, impact and abrasion
• High build (can be applied to high thickness in one layer)
• Self- leveling
• With crack bridging ability
• good mechanical resistance
• Excellent microbial resistance
• Good chemical resistance against fuel and detergents

Main uses :
• It can be uses for sealing of:
• Expansion joints
• Cracks on the concrete and metal substrates in industrial area, parking, factories, tunnels, airports…

Application guide direction
– Surface preparation :
During sealing operation the substrate temperature should be 3˚C more than dew point.
High relative humidity may affect adhesion negatively. So maximum allowed relative humidity would be 85%.
Polluted surfaces and loosed areas should be cleaned.
POLYSEAL-PU TAR must not be diluted at all, if you need to decrease the viscosity, you can increase the temperature of part A. Use polyurethane Thinner T-900 for purging. Before application, part A well-mixed until a homogeneous mixture and color is obtained. Then A and B parts are mixed together. A mixer should be used for mixing operation. If the mixing is not complete, parts of the joint sealant are not topically dried and remained sticky.
This material must be applied utilizing spatula and router. This material is self-leveling, Pour the material into the joints after mixing. Use polyethylene Backing Rod under joint sealant for deep joints. When you need to saturated concrete, before application of joint sealant you can use PFEP-2168 concrete primer. In wet surfaces for maximum adhesion, use INDUFLOOR-IB 1240 and silica spray subsequently.
– Important Advices
Do not open the packages till application time. Should be stored in a sealed container after opening.
– Storage :
12 months in unopened drums. Keep away from extreme heat, freezing, and moisture. The use of drum heaters is encouraged to reduce material viscosity at low temperatures.
– Warning :
This product may cause allergic problems when contacts with skin or inhaled. Special clothes, masks and gloves should be utilized during application process. Protective creams should be used in order to protect skin.

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