Polygum CRACKSEAL HM1000


  • Filling surface cracks in streets and urban and suburban roads, runways, parking structures
  • Waterproofing and filling all cracks and joints in asphalt for protection of old asphalts
  • Sealing all concrete structures and asphalt surfaces
  • Joint sealing of canals and hydraulic structures
  • As a heat adhesive for fixing steel, concrete and wood segments


  • Non-toxic
  • prevents water penetration into sub surface of asphalt
  • Excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete without need to any primer
  • High resistance against weathering
  • Suitable adhesion and reversibility, stresses tolerant in exposure to expansion and contraction in asphalt and concrete layers
  • Useable in different climate
  • Good abrasion resistance

Application Guide Direction: 

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust and loose particles. For better penetration, open fine cracks with cutting.applied and elastic joint se


Heat the mastic in a controlled oil bath or oil jacketed melting vessel with agitator until a soft and pourable material is achieved.Heat transmission to all oil and melted material should be controlled with thermostat. Otherwise danger of increasing temperature exists and it is possible the material goes solid before casting.It is better that cast a small quantity of mastic in heating boiler at first and then add the rest gradually.


Pour the melted mastic with melter pourer or metal edges vessels, or special crack and use of special metal buckets in sensitive or slight works.


Use gloves and glasses while application .In case of contact with eyes, wash the eyes immediately with water.

 Conformity ASTM D3405, ASTM D5329

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