Crackseal HM1000

is used for repairing of asphalt and concrete cracks, filling joints and preventing water ingress and freezing in roads.


  • Non-toxic
  • prevents water penetration into sub-base of asphalt
  • Excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete without need to any primer
  • High resistance against weathering
  • Good adhesion and reversibility, stresses tolerant where adjusted to expansion and contraction in asphalt and concrete layers
  • Applicable in different climate
  • Good abrasion resistance

 Main uses:

  • Filling surface cracks in streets and urban and suburban roads, runways, parking lots
  • Waterproofing and filling all cracks and joints in asphalt for protection of old asphalts
  • Joint sealing of canals and hydraulic structures
  • As a heat adhesive for fixing steel, concrete and wood segments

 Application Guide:

 Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust and loose particles. For better penetration, open fine cracks with cutting.


Heat up Crakseal HM1000 in an agitated oil-jacketed boiler until a soft and pourable material is achieved.

Heat transmission should be controlled with thermostat otherwise overheating of material may cause it to solid before application.It is recommended to melt a small quantity of material in boiler afterward add rest of material gradually. Finally pour the melted material into cracks and joints with a melter/pouring device.

Important advice:

Use gloves and glasses during application .In case of contact with eyes, wash the eyes immediately with water.

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