Polyurethane based, one component, UV resistant joint sealant

BAYCOFLEX-DD6026 is a polyurethane based, one component and water tight joint sealant with UV resistance which can be applied by a sealant gun.
Areas of Application:

  • All construction joints,
  • Precast concrete construction elements,
  • Dilatation joints,
  • Irrigation facilities,
  • Window edges,
  • Stair steps,
  • Joints between different construction materials (concrete, wood, marble, aluminum, steel, ceramic,gypsum board, etc.).


  • The product is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications.
  • It is suitable for vertical joints up to 25 mm. width.
  • It has very high elasticity and preserves this feature even at cold temperature such as -30ºC.
  • It is solvent-free and PVC-free.
  • It is watertight and suitable for all conditions.
  • After curing, it is harmless. Therefore, it can be used at potable water tanks.
  • The product has high chemical, UV and abrasion resistance.
  • It has high resistance against micro organism formation.
  • BAYCOFLEX-DD6026 can be applied without a primer to most surfaces.
  • It can be painted with suitable paints.
  • It has a wide range of application temperature (+5- +35ºC).

Technical Data:
Basis: polyurethane
Density: 1,15 g/cm³ at 20ºC (DIN 53479)
Shore-A Hardness: 40±۵ (ASTM D 53505)
Modulus %100: 0,4 MPa(DIN 53504)

Temperature Resistance (Cured): -30ºC to +80ºC

Application temperature: +5ºC to +40ºC
Tack free time: 60-90 min (25ºC, 55% RH)
Cure rate: 2 mm/day Elongation at break: >%500 (DIN 53504)
Tear Strength: 10 N/mm
Packaging: 600 cc. sausage
12 months in the original unopened package when stored dry and between +5 – +25ºC.
Surface Preparation:
Remove all laitance, paint, traces of oil, contamination or other adhesion prohibiting materials by appropriate tools/methods. Re profile any damaged/broken edges with one of BAYCOCRET-105, BAYCOCRET-130 or BAYCOCRET-BT25/K, followed by the application BAYCOFLEX-PR230 prior to the sealant application. Ensure that the moisture levels in the concrete are always below 4% and there is no back pressure during or after application. If joints will be trafficable, ensure that the joint edges are rounded off and sealant is 1mm below floor level.

Method of Application
Gun Application:

  • The ambient temperature must be between +5 – +35ºC. Do not apply BAYCOFLEX-DD6026 when frost is expected within the first week of application. For cold weather applications, store the material for at least 24 hours at 20ºC and maintain a frost free environment for 1 week after the application.
  • The substrate temperature must always be between +5 – +30ºC.
  • Always use a bond breaker or backer road behind BAYCOFLEX-DD6026.
  • Always use a masking tape to avoid external contamination of joint. Remove masking tape immediately after sealant has been tooled.
  • Always ensure that the joint width : depth ratio is maintained at 2 : 1 with a depth not less than 10 mm.
  • Use appropriate barrel gun with the nozzle cut to the required bead size.
  • Insert BAYCOFLEX-DD6026 sausage into barrel gun and cut off end before securing on cap and nozzle.
  • Firmly extrude BAYCOFLEX-DD6026 into joint ensuring that joint is filled. Avoid under-filling and re-runs (topping off) as this will cause air entrapment and other adverse effects.
  • Remove excess material and level off.
  • Tooling must commence immediately after application.
  • Protect applied material from dirt and moisture until fully cured.


Joint size (mm) __ yield/sausage (meter run)
5 X 5   __  ۲۴,۰۰
۱۰ X 6  __ ۱۰,۰۰
۱۲ X 10 __ ۵,۰۰
۱۵ X 10 __ ۴,۰۰
۲۰ X 10 __ ۳,۰۰
۲۵ X 15 __ ۱,۶۰
۳۰ X 15 __ ۱,۳۳
۴۰ X 20 __ ۰,۷۵

BAYCOFLEX-PR230 can be applied typically between 5% – 10% of sealant by weight of sealant volume depending on joint width, porosity and other wastage factors on site.

Cleaning: Clean tools with paper towels first then with solvent right after the application.

Important Advices:

  • Not suitable for joints expecting movement accommodation factor exceeding that of BAYCOFLEX-DD6026.
  • Not suitable for weak substrates.
  • Not suitable for oil, grease, bitumen or laitance-contaminated substrates.
  • Not suitable for horizontal joints expected to receive high traffic or abuse.
  • Not to be applied on extremely porous or humid substrates unless primed with BAYCOFLEX-PR230.
  • Although generally over paintable, compatibility tests must be conducted.
  • May yellow/lose gloss under prolonged UV exposure without loss in sealing properties.

Health and Safety: The material contains solvent, after curing not harmful to health. Please refer to the MSDS for details.

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