Polygum SSPC 12 Mastic

Polygum SSPC Mastic
Complies with SSPC-Paint 12 Description:
Cold applied asphalt mastic, without lump, fine and coarse particles, sand and gravel. It is used to protect surfaces in corrosive environments. It acts as a vapor barrier because of its relative impermeability characteristics, which is attained by application in high thickness. This product is contains bitumen, aliphatic solvents, petroleum material and mineral fillers, without any water and coal tar.

• Cold applied
• High resistance against alkalis and acids.
• Resistant against corrosive agents
• Economical

Main uses:

It is used for:
• Protection of surfaces that immersed in fresh water, saltwater, neutral and alkaline chemical environments
• Internal and external coating of concrete wastewater pipes buried in soil

Application Guide:
– Surface preparation
Sand blasting or washing with acid is recommended for metal surfaces. Prior to application all surfaces must be clean, and free from contaminants, grease, dust, rust and any loose particles. The contamination result in decrease adhesion. The surface must be dry and the temperature have to be at least +3 °C above dew point.
– Application condition:
Ambient temperature should be above +5ºC during paint application. Suitable primer, preferable POLYGUM Primer Type A is recommended in harsh environments.
– Application
Mastic should be thoroughly mixed. Dilution is not necessary, but white sprit solvent or 402 can be used if needed.
It can be applied by brush, trowel and high pressure spray. Dry film thickness should be at least 1600 micron which achieved by 2200 micron wet film thickness. Finish coat should be uniform and without bubbles and pinholes.
The application must be avoided, in rainy condition and frost.

Important advice:
The material should not be exposed to heat, flame and spark, during storage, mixing and application. Suitable ventilation is necessary while paint application.
Avoid contact with skin, eyes and continues inhalation.

It can be stored in dry condition in sealed containers at temperature in range of +10 °C to +35 °C whit no evidence of increase in concentration, congelation and gel for at least 6 months.

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