Acrylic Traffic Coating


PFAC-7010 is a traffic coating based on acrylic resin which is cured via solvent evaporation method and reaction with air oxygen, providing a uniform surface. This paint is suitable for street and road marking, curb painting… because of high compatibility with cement, concrete and asphalt surfaces. This product is resistant to UV and weather condition.


  • High adhesion
  • Fast curing
  • Good light reflection
  • High stability in sunlight
  • Good abrasion resistance

Main uses:

PFAC-7010 is used to mark concrete and asphalt surface of roads, walkway paths, runway, parking etc. Coating of building’s façade, curb painting.

Physical properties:

Color White – yellow – Any color ordered
Gloss Matt to Semi-Gloss
Components 1
Solid content (A+B) 75±۵ %
Density (A+B) 1.56±۰.۱ g/cm3
Recommended dry  film thickness 300 µm
Theoretical coverage 0.62 kg/m2
Curing method Solvents evaporation
Thinner T-550
Packaging 200 / 20 Kg

Processing properties:

Tack free time 30 minutes (Thickness 300µm)
Post curing time 2 hours
Full curing time 24 hours
Over coating interval 4 hours

Application Guide:

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contaminants, grease, dust, moisture and any loose particles.


The paint can be diluted with T-550 thinner gradually while mixing to achieve homogenous mixture.

PFAC-7010 is applied using air spray, brush or traffic marking machines.

All tools should be washed out with T-550 thinner after the application.

Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature should be in range of +5 ºC to +50 ºC during paint application.


12 months, in unopened package &protect from direct light and heat source at +5 ºC to +40 ºC.

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