It has very high adhesion to concrete surfaces and next layers and is resistant to moisture and chemicals. PFEP-2168 fills the concrete pores and prevents releasing the loose particles of surface.


  • Very low viscosity
  • Good permeability on concrete pores
  • Improvement mechanical bonding
  • Increase adhesion in coating systems
  • High flexibility and excellent compatibility with various coating systems
  • Abrasion, chemicals and impact resistance with Epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea top coating.

Main uses:
It can be used as primer on concrete surface, cement surfaces (new or old cementitous surface) and gypsum surfaces. As a primer in PFEP-2050, POLYFLOOR-PU and NUKOTE-ST flooring systems.

Application Guide
– Surface preparation:
Surface’s unevenness is removed with abrasive device and in order to achieve better adhesion, concrete surface should be scratched by suitable method to achieve appropriate profile on the surface. The surface must be free from contaminations, loose particles and rusts, because they reduce sharply the adhesion of primer to the surface, in coating system.
– Application:
After surface preparation, the two parts of the paint should be thoroughly mixed (according the mixing ratio) & using a suitable mixer until a homogenous mixture is achieved. PFEP-2168 is applied using brush or roller. Due to the concrete absorption ability recommended that primer applied in 2 layers. The first layers penetrate initial and then concrete surfaces will be saturated with second layer. Using suitable ventilation is necessary while paint application is done in close places. All tools should be washed with T-950 thinner after the application.
-Notice: PFEP-2168 primer is just suitable for applying on the dry and free of oil and greases surfaces. If there is moisture, oil and contamination on the surface, INDUFLOOR-IB 1240 can be used as an alternative.
12 months, in unopened package & protect from direct sun light.

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