It provides excellent protective characteristics after chemical curing. It is not proper for potable water exposing or when benzene, toluene or xylene is existed. This product is highly resistant against acids, and has a good chemical resistance generally.


  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Good resistance to sewage water, saturated sodium chloride, diluted inorganic acids, alkali and salt solutions
  • Waterproofs
  • Good resistance to petroleum, oils, detergents and bacteria
  • Thermal resistance up to +80˚C (in damp condition up to +60˚C
  • Ease of application
  • Long durability

Main usages:

This product is used to protect alkali storage tanks (immersion), pipelines, power plants, waterproofing and protecting of metal and concrete structures, marine industries, refineries, sewage facilities, channels, and tanks, buried protection of metal and concrete structures.

Application Guide:

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contaminants, grease, dust, rust, moisture and any loose particles. Concrete surface should be fully cured and free from lime and concrete mold oils (release agents) and their curing agents.

Concrete substrates are sand blasted or cleaned using wire brush to remove all contaminants. After cleaning process dust should be removed.

Cracks in concrete should be cleaned and filled by epoxy putty PFEP-2235 and concrete primer PFEP-2126. In porous surfaces, PFEP-2126 should be diluted by 10% wt T-950 and be applied as a primer. Apply the second layer of PFEP-2168 is applied after 7-24 hours.


After surface preparation, part A was stirred separately, until there is no evidence of sedimentation, part B will be added and should be thoroughly mixed until a homogenous solution is achieved. Using of high power and low speed mixer is recommended.

To achieve best protecting performance, follow the exact mixing ratio in accordance with instruction and packaging guide. Mix

two components for 3-4 minutes and leave it for 10 minutes to do reaction.In cold weather, put the product in 15-20˚C condition about 24 hours earlier. We recommend 2 or 3 layers and 150 microns per each layer.

All the prepared surfaces should be coated by PFEP-2126 in 2 layers which applied by roller or airless spray and all the surface’s joints should be repaired by particular primer and epoxy putty.

Using reinforced glass fibers:

PFEP-2126 with glass fibers is used when coating with crack bridging properties   is needed. The fibers are laid directly on the first layer of wet PFEP-2126 and are pressed into the coating layer using a though nylon brush and finally the secondary layer of PFEP-2126 is applied within maximum 24 hours in 20˚C or 18 hours in 35˚C. The wet film thickness should not be less than 150 microns in secondary layer.

All tools should be washed with T-950 thinner after the application.

Application of this product is not recommended at the temperature lower than +5˚C and humidity more than 90%.

Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature should be more than +5ºc during paint application.


24 months, in unopened package & protect from direct sun light and heat source at +5 to +30 ºC.


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