This product is highly resistant against water and sea water but it is not recommended in high temperatures or when any acids, alkalis, aromatic and oxygenated solvents exist.


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Appropriate resistance against
  • Chemical contaminated water
  • Excellent adhesion to metal and concrete
  • Appropriate hardness, impact resistance and flexibility

 Main usages:

This product is used to protect metal structures in marine industries and oil fields such as: pipelines, fresh water storage tanks, ship’s body and flooring, piers, cooling towers and dam gates.

Application Guide:

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contaminants, grease, moisture and any loose particles.Cleaning should be done using suitable cleaning agents. If the substrate (applied on primer) surface is so glossy and smooth, it should be abraded and then washed and dried, after ensuring solvent evaporation, the paint is applied.

Surface preparation will be so important, if the paint is applied on the substrate directly. Metal substrates such as steel and iron are sand blasted up to SA2 ½ grade.


After surface preparation, part A was stirred separately, then paint’s components should be thoroughly mixed (according the mixing ratio) & using a suitable mixer until a homogenous solution is achieved.

PFEP-2125 is applied using ordinary air or airless spray and small damaged or unpainted area can be repaired by brush. Suitable ventilation is necessary while paint application is done in close places. All tools should be washed with T-950 thinner after the application.

Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature should be in range of +10 to +50 ºc during paint application


12 months, in unopened package & protect from direct sun light at +5 to +30 ºc.

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