Polyamine Epoxy Coating-Chemical Resistant

  • Description:

PFEP-2110 is a two-component epoxy coating which does not contain any volatile material and is high build. Chemical structure of the coating is based on polyamine and has a great resistance against different types of material such as acids, alkali, solvents, salts, water and wastewater. Despite its suitable viscosity, the product has no solvent in its structure.

  • Advantages:
  • Great chemical resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very good adhesion to steel structures and concrete protecting systems
  • Easy application
  • Applicable in wide range of relative humidity and weather condition
  • Main uses:

Protection of steel and concrete structures in very harsh environments especially in process plants such as factories, wastewater treatment plants, water and wastewater transmission network …

  • physical properties:
color Various colors
gloss Glossy
Number of components 2
Mixing ratio (w/w) A/B = 3/1
solid content (by weight) 100%
Solid content (by volume) 100%
Density  (A+B) 1.35±۰.۱ g/cm3
Recommended dry film thickness More than 200 µ
Theoretical coverage 0.4 kg/m2
Film formation Chemical reaction between two components
Thinner T-950
Packaging style A  : ۱۵ kg

B : 5 kg

  • Processing properties:
Pot life 1 hour
Dust free time 2 hours
Post cure time 6 hours
Full cure time 7 days
  • Application guide:
  • Surface preparation:

The surface has to be completely clean and dry, without any contamination, dust and other loose particles. If the coating is applied on steel surface, the surface should be sand blasted to Sa2 ½ grade. If the coating is applied on concrete surface, it should be noted, that the concrete is completely cured and free from limy material, mould oil and hardener components. Damaged or cracked area of surface which causes water and air permeation, has to be cleaned and repaired.

Prior to PFEP- 2110 the concrete surface should be primed and PFEP-2249 or PFEP-2235 intermediate can be used to level the surface.

  • Application:

Part A was thoroughly stirred, then part B should be added and mixed until a homogenous solution is achieved. It is recommended to use a high power and low speed mixer. In cold weather condition, it is recommended to store the paint in warm place (at +20 to +30 ºC) for 24 hours before using. It can be applied by Airless spray, roller, brush and….

  • Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature should be in range of +5 to +50 ºc and at least +3 ºc above dew point, maximum allowable relative humidity is 85% during paint application.

  • Use of reinforcing fibers:

PFEP- 2110 with glass fibers can be used where the coating with crack bridging properties is needed, the coating is applied in 2 layers. After applying first layer, glass fiber placed on surface by brush while it is wet. Second layer is applied after the first layer is completely cured, maximum to 24 hours at +20 to +30 ºC, or to 18 hours at +35 ºC. All tools should be washed with T-950 thinner after the application.

  • This product does not have color stability when exposed to sunlight and chemicals.
  • Epoxy coatings have low resistance against sunlight, but it can be used where it’s exposed to sunlight for limited time.
  • Storage:

12 months in unopened package &protect from sun light and heat source at +5 to +40 ºC.

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