Epoxy Polyamide intermediate layer


POLYCOAT-2050 is an intermediate layer based on Epoxy resin and Polyamide hardener to increase life time and resistance of the paint system against atmospheric conditions. This product can be modified with filler and be used for leveling of substrate. It is also can be used as a topcoat on primed surfaces, where high gloss is not necessary.

This product is a suitable intermediate layer for Epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea topcoats.

POLYCOAT-2050 is compatible with white cement and calcium carbonate. The required quantity of filler depends on desired viscosity.


  • High compatibility with fillers
  • Ease of application with spatula
  • High adhesion and tensile strength on primed surfaces
  • Good resistance against diluted acids and alkalis
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in mild to severe environmental conditions

Main usage:

POLYCOAT-2050 can be used as:

  • Intermediate layer and leveling the concrete surfaces, between primer and topcoat in tanks and water/ wastewater tunnels
  • Topcoat in mild to severe environmental conditions, where it is not exposes to direct sunlight

Physical properties:

Color white
Gloss Matt-Semi-gloss
Components 2
Mixing Ratio by weight A:B =5:1
Mixing Ratio by volume A:B=3:1
Solid content (A+B) 65±۵%
Density (A+B) 1.4±۰.۱ g/cm3
Curing method Solvents evaporation and chemical reaction
Thinner T-950
Packaging A: 15 Kg

B: 3 Kg

Processing properties:

Pot life


2 hours


Tack free time 2-4 hours
Post curing time 8 hours
Full curing time 7 days
Over coating interval 16 hours

Application Guide:

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean and free of contaminants, grease, dust and any loose particles. Before application of this paint, concrete surfaces should be primed. If the time interval between primer application and application of Polycoat-2050 is too long, , primed surface should be prepared again. The preparation is done with MEK.

Ambient conditions:

Ambient temperature should be in range +5 to +50°C during application.


At first, after surface preparation, resin component should be thoroughly mixed using a suitable mixer until a homogenous solution is achieved. Then hardener component with given ratio (According to packing) added to mixture and thoroughly mixed until a homogenous mixture is obtained. White cement or any suitable filler can be used for desired viscosity. The filler added to mixture and well mixed (adding should be gradually while mixing).

POLYCOAT-2050 is applied using ordinary or airless spray, roller and spatula, depending on its viscosity.

Maximum filler quantity by POLYCOAT-2050 is 1:1 by weight.

All tools should be washed with T-950 thinner after the application.

Storage :

12 months, in unopened package & protect from direct sun light at (+5 to +30) ºC

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