PFEP -2039


PFEP -2039
Special primer for Polyurea coatings, Special primer on steel surfaces Description:
This epoxy polyamide primer is used for increasing anti-corrosion properties and adhesion in coating system.
• Good chemical resistance against weak acids and alkalis
• Good anti-corrosion properties
• Increases the adhesion of finish coat to the steel substrate Main uses:
• Suitable primer for coating systems on steel external & internal surfaces
• Can be used in contact with potable water

Application Guide:
– Surface preparation:
The surface should be clean, free of contamination, oil, grease, dust, rust, paints, moisture . . .
Sand blast the steel surface to SA2.
In harsh situation and immersion it’s recommended to sand blast to SA2 ½ remove the dust remains from sand blast.
– Ambient condition:
While application, ambient temperature should be between 10 to 50ºc.
– Application:
Mix A and B component with the certain mixing ratio, by an agitator.
For diluting the paint, use epoxy thinner T-950.
The paint can be applied by ordinary sprays or airless sprays.
Small unpainted parts and defects can be coated by brush. Ensure of clean the tools by T-950. Storage:
12 months in tight container and protect from direct sun light.


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