Concrete polyamine Epoxy primer

PFEP-2021 is a lacquer primer based on Epoxy resin and polyamine hardener, this primer has low viscosity and permeates deep into concrete.

PFEP-2021 has high adhesion to concrete surfaces and subsequent layers and resistant against moisture and chemical. Advantages:
• Very low viscosity
• Good permeability into concrete pores
• Improvement mechanical bonding of coating, concrete and concrete components
• Increase adhesion in coating systems
• Suitable flexibility and excellent compatibility with other coating systems Main uses:
It can be used as primer on concrete surface (new or old cement surface) and gypsy surfaces. Where dust and loose particles can’t be removed, use of PFEP-2021 before applying the coating, will increase adhesion to substrate

Application Guide

Surface preparation:
Concrete surfaces must be dry, clean and free from contaminants and any loose particles for achieving appropriate adhesion. These materials cause intense decrease in adhesion of primer to surface and so effects on final adhesion properties of the system. Concrete surface is grinded to be smooth and should be scratched by suitable method to obtain suitable profile and subsequently better adhesion. Sand blasting is recommended before priming in tunnels and tanks concrete surface.

Ambient conditions:
Ambient temperature should be in range of +5⁰C to +50°C during application.

After surface preparation, the two parts of the paint should be thoroughly mixed (according the mixing ratio) & using a suitable mixer until a homogenous mixture is achieved. PFEP-2021 is applied using brush, roller, airless or conventional spray machine.
It is recommended that, in porous and high absorption surfaces (example: due to the concrete absorption ability) primer is applied in 2 layers. The first layer penetrates initially and then concrete surfaces will be saturated with second layer. Using suitable ventilation is necessary for paint application in close places.All tools should be washed out with T-950 thinner after application is finished.

Important advice:
PFEP-2021 primer is only suitable for dry and clean (without oil and grease) concrete surfaces. In case of any mentioned problems, INDUFLOOR-1B 1240 can be used instead.

24 months, in un-opened package & protect from direct sun light and heat, (+5⁰C to +35 ⁰C)

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