One-component Acrylic Lacquer


PFAC-L is based on thermoplastic acrylic resin. This paint is suitable to protect concrete and metal surfaces where expose to sunlight, wind and rain because of glossy appearance, good atmospheric, mechanical and chemical resistance properties.


  • Glossy and impressive appearance
  • Appropriate chemical resistance against aqueous, acid, alkali and salt solutions
  • Moderate corrosion resistance
  • Fast curing
  • Applicable in wide range of temperature and humidity
  • Suitable mechanical resistance
  • High atmospheric resistance
  • Ease of application

Main uses:

  • Protective lacquer for concrete surfaces exposed sunlight, atmosphere, acidic rain…
  • Glossy lacquer for brick/cement/ travertine facades
  • Protective and decorative lacquer inside or outside buildings
  • Protective lacquer for concrete and brick surfaces against detergents.

Physical properties:

Gloss Glossy
Solid content 50 %
VOC 50%
Density 1±۰.۰۵ g/cm3
Recommended dry film thickness 60-80 µm
Theoretical coverage 0/12-0/16 kg/m2
Number of coating layers 1-2 (depends on area of use and structure conditions)
Curing method Solvents evaporation
Adhesion 5 A
Packaging 1 Kg
5 kg
15 kg


Processing properties

Tack free time 30-60 minutes. (T = 25⁰C & 100 micron thickness)

Application Guide:

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contaminants, grease and dust.


PFAC-L can be applied using brush, roller and conventional spray. Thinner can be added up to 10% if necessary. If it is applied in 2 layers, second layer can be applied after dust free time.

Important advices:

Used thinner must not be greasy. Gasoline should not be used for lacquer dilution.

The packages must not be opened before application time. The packages should be stored in a sealed container after opening.


24 months in unopened containers.  Keep away from extreme heat, freezing, and moisture.


This product may cause allergic problems when contacts with skin or inhaled. Avoid contact with skin, use masks especially in closed area. This product is flammable.

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