Industrial anti-rust Description:
PFA-1010 is a corrosion resistant primer based on Alkyd resin and red iron oxide which is used extensively due to appropriate features such as: easy application and low sensitivity. This product is usually used with alkyd intermediate layer and topcoat.

• Good corrosion resistance
• Suitable for metal substrates as an undercoat for different types of commonly used coating systems
• Good weather resistance

Main uses:
Internal and external coating of metal structures exposed to mild corrosive environments.

Application Guide:
– Surface preparation:
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contaminants, grease, dust, rust, moisture and any loose particles. Metal substrates such as steel and iron are sand blasted up to SA2 grade. SA2 ½ is recommended in aggressive condition (e.g. water immersion). Painting process should be done immediately after removing the dust of air blasting.
– Application:
The paint can be diluted with T-750 thinner gradually while mixing to adjust the viscosity. PFA-1010 is applied using conventional or airless spray, roller and brush. Small damaged and unpainted area can be repaired by brush. Using suitable ventilation is necessary while paint application is done in close places.
All tools should be washed with T-750 thinner after the application.
– Ambient condition:
Ambient temperature should be in range of +5 ºC to +50 ºC during paint application.

12 months, in unopened package & protect from direct sun light and heat source at +5 ºC to 30 ºC.


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