Polyfloor PU

• Good resistance against organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, fats. . .
• Good flexibility
• Seamless
• Good weathering properties
• High compression resistance
• Can be washed and cleaned
• Self-leveling

Main uses:
• Flooring in sport complexes
• Heavy duty areas
• Concrete floors subject to tension, vibration, impact…

Application Guide:
The surface should be clean, free from contamination, dust, loose particles, prepare the concrete surface with grinder or scratcher. Use clean equipments and tools. Mix ratio by 300-500 rpm agitator or drill until a homogenous liquid achieves. Use trowels, rollers or spray for application.

– Application
Application is done with notched spatula and air pockets are removed carried out by the roller. Before application of material, concrete primer PFEP-2168 is used to improve the adhesion. Epoxy mastic PFEP-2235 or PFEP-2249 can be used to smooth surfaces’ unevenness and reduce material consumption. All tools should be washed with Epoxy thinner T-950.

– Storage:
A component: 12 months
B component: 6 months
In dry condition, +5 to +35ºC, not exposed to direct sun light.

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