Epoxy flooring


It’s based on epoxy resin and polyamide hardener. It has very high permeability and permeates deep into the concrete, due to its low viscosity. It has high adhesion to concrete surface and prevent exiting dust from concrete pores. The surface of this coating is washable and resistant against chemicals and detergents.


  •  Very low viscosity
  • Excellent permeation capability in concrete pores
  • Prevent exiting dust from concrete pores and environmental pollution Covering surface imperfections of concrete
  • Increase abrasion resistance
  • Protects concrete against some chemical attacks

Main uses :

Anti-Dust floorings on the concrete/brick/cement/ masonry surfaces where it is not expose to direct sunlight and UV

Application Guide Direction:

Surface preparation:

The surface should be free of any contamination and loos area, because this material decrease adhesion between coating and surface. If the surface need to repair do it before flooring. In case of high surface absorption, apply PFEP-2168 POLYGUM concrete Epoxy primer. The coating can be applied in multilayers if necessary.

Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature while application should be between 5- 50ºc. The ambient temperature should be 3˚C more than dew point.

Application procedure:

After surface preparation, Mix 2components (according instruction of packaging) with agitator until a homogenous liquid achieves. Pour the mined compound on the floor and spread it with trowel or roller. In closed area air conditioning during operation time is necessary.After application clean the tools with Epoxy thinner T-950.Please note PFEP –ANTI DUST is not suitable for wet and oil contaminated concrete surfaces.

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