PFEP -2250

Epoxy flooring


It’s based on epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. It has excel and adhesion, very good water resistance , chemical resistance and can be applied as seamless flooring on concrete or steel floors.


  • Very good adhesion to steel & concrete surfaces
  • High resistance against water , chemicals , oil , acids , alkalis , gasoline …
  • Protect the environmental against contamination , concrete dust….
  • Good resistance against thermal tolerance
  • Good abrasion and compression resistance
  • High strength

Main uses:

  • Concrete floorings in workshops , ware houses , food processing factories , chemical , medical ,electrical , weaving , military , industries
  • Flooring in hospitals , factories , airports , industrial areas , . . .

Physical properties:

Color available up on request
Gloss Glossy
Components 2
Mixing Ratio by weight A/B=5.5/1
Mixing Ratio by volume A/B=3/1
Solid content 100%
Density (A+B) 1.70±۰.۱ gr/cm3
D.F.T 1.5-3 mm
Consumption 3.4 Kg/ m2/

(2 mm thickness)

Over coating interval 8 hrs @ 25°c
Curing method Chemical reaction
Shelf life 12 months

In closed containers , not exposed to direct sun light in 5-30ºc

Packaging A:16.5 Kg

B: 3 Kg

Processing properties:

Pot life 20 min @ 40°c

50 min @ 25°c

Dust free time(@25̊c) 2-4 hrs
Post curing time(@25̊c) 12 hrs
Full curing time 7 days

Application Guide Direction:

surface preparation:

Concrete Substrate

The surface should be hard. Use scratcher or grinder to get better profiles and better adhesion.

Then remove dusts with vacuum or blowing. Apply concrete primer      PFEP-2168. After primers tack free time fill the pours with Epoxy mastic     PFEP-2235.

Steel surface

Remove all dirt , dusts , oils , grease , chloride salts , sulfate salts , loose particles , . . . by washing with solvents , detergents , . . .

Do sand blasting for removing rust and getting better profile. Remove all irregularities with hammer, grinder,…

Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature while application should be between 10- 50ºc


Mix 2components with agitator until a homogenous liquid achieves. Pour the mined compound on the floor and spread it with trowel or roller.

After application clean the tools with Epoxy thinner T-950.


12 months in closed containers, not exposed to direct sun light in 5-30ºc

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