Corundum based surface hardener for industrial floors

ASOTOP-200 is corundum based powder surface hardener blended with special chemicals and pigments.

Areas of Application

Joint-less applied ASOTOP-200 on fresh concrete will improve the abrasion resistance of the surface and prevent chalking. It is suitable for all surfaces which are objected to high abrasive forces. Such as:

  • Industrial floors, ware houses,
  • Hangars, harbor embankments, open and closed car parks,
  • Loading platforms,
  • Aviation hangars, helicopter landing platforms,
  • Sidewalks,
  • Power plant floors,

Slabs of all kinds of buildings


The product is ready to use and can be used to improve impact and abrasion resistance of industrial concrete floors. The chemical additives in the powder make the product penetrate well into the fresh concrete and to form a dense, shiny, highly resistant top surface. The special hard aggregates in ASOTOP-200 will never corrode or oxidize.

The advantages of the product are:

  • It provides a homogeneous and smooth surface.
  • It has excellent resistance to mechanical loads.
  • It is resistant to oil and gases.
  • It reduces surface chalking drastically.
  • It provides a water impermeable surface.

Can be applied in exterior and interior applications. It is very easy to apply and very economical. Oxidation-free, very long service life.

Technical Data

Basis: corundum  aggregate  surface hardener

Color:grey, red, green



25  kg bags

Other Description:


The product can be stored 12 months in its unopened original package.

Surface Preparation:

The product can be applied when it becomes trafficable. In order to achieve a strong surface the concrete must meet adequate quality standards (at least C20 with 350 cement dosage) and the thickness of the concrete must be at least 10 cm. Prior to the application floating rule application shall be done on concrete and excess water shall be removed from the surface. When the concrete begins to settle, apply pressure to the surface with thump, if 3-5 mm penetration is still allowed ASOTOP-200.

Product Preparation:

The material is ready to use.

Method of Application:

Broadcast ASOTOP-200 evenly to the surface by hand or a suitable equipment. ASOTOP-200 shall be moisturized evenly with the water content of the concrete. 1st leveling shall be done as long as the plasticity and the hardening time of the concrete allows. Dry shake application shall be done in order to achieve an even surface.


Light Traffic: 6 kg/m2

Medium Traffic: 8 kg/m2

Heavy Traffic: 10 kg/m2


Clean the tools with water after the application.

Health and Safety:

Please refer to the MSDS for details.

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