REMICURE-CR Art.-No. 4 06651
High performance, chlorinated rubber-based curing agent, sealer and surface hardener for freshly laid concrete

Product Description:
REMICURE-CR is a chlorinated rubber-based, concrete curing agent which when dry acts as a sealer, surface hardener and dustproofer for freshly laid concrete. REMICURE-CR is a blend of chlorinated rubber and modifiers dissolved in a selected carrier that quickly dries to achieve increased mechanical properties, durability and chemical resistance. This prevents evaporation of mixing water and ensures proper hydration of cement in the concrete matrix. This will lead to optimum physical & mechanical properties of the cured concrete.
REMICURE-CR is supplied in three grades:
• REMICURE-CR-Clear: Provides a clear film after dryness.
• REMICURE-CR-White: Provides a white film after dryness. The incorporated white pigments enable light reflectance & minimize the amount of heat  absorbed by the concrete surface.
• REMICURE-Aluminized: Provides a silver film after dryness with solar reflectance &and hence minimized heat absorption.

Primary Uses:
REMICURE-CR is used as a curing agent, sealer and
dustproofer in:
• Parking decks & garages.
• Bridge structures, retaining walls, etc.
• Floor slabs.
• Marine Structures.
• Precast elements.
• Cement-based rendering & repairing works. REMICURE-CR is also used as a:
• protective coating for improved chemical resistance on both fresh and old concretes Advantages:
• Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray.
• Rapid drying and quick film formation.

• Improved hydration of cement in the concrete matrix.
• Reduced risk of shrinkage and surface cracks.
• Reduced dusting.
• Provide a hard wearing surface.
• Reduced incidence plastic shrinkage.
• Combined action; curing, sealing, surface hardening & dustproofing.
• UV resistant.
• Very good adhesion to most construction substrates.
• Increased durability and protection to steel reinforcement.
• Non-degradable.

REMICURE-CR is formulated to comply with all requirements of ASTM -309 and AASHTO M-148 as curing compounds.
Technical Properties:
Appearance: REMICURE-CR: clear
REMICURE-CR-White: white
REMICURE-CR-Aluminized: aluminium finish
Specific Gravity: 0.85± ۰.۰۵ at 23° C
Chloride content: Nill
Adhesion to concrete: Very good
Dry film appearance REMICURE-CR: clear
REMICURE-CR-White: white
REMICURE-CR-Aluminized: aluminium finish

Resistance to weathering: Very good Coverage: 5–۷ m2/liter depending upon the surrounding media & temperatures and application method
Flash Point: 39° C

Application Procedures: Stir well before use.
Evenly apply REMICURE-CR on the freshly laid concrete immediately after final finishing of concrete surface & once surface water has disappeared.
Vertical & overhead:
For freshly de-moulded concrete walls and overhead slabs, saturate the concrete surface with water and once the surface water has disappeared (but is still very moist), spray-apply REMICURE-CR evenly at the recommended coverage rates. Application on standing water will result in uneven coverage.
Estimating & Supply
REMICURE-CR 10, 20, 210 and 1000 litre packs.
Between 0.143 litre m2 & 0.20 litre/m2 Higher consumption is expected on rough surfaces. Always allow for wastage when calculating quantities to order.
Cleaning & Equipment Maintenance:
Clean the tools & equipment or spillages with Solvent.
Storage & Shelf-life:
REMICURE-CR is valid for use for a period of 12 months when original, unopened and palletized containers are stored away from direct sunlight in a well-ventilated warehouse with temperatures between 10° C and 25° C.

Important advice:
• REMICURE-CR is flammable and its flash point is: 39° C.
• Any skin contamination can be removed with solvent followed by soap & water.
• For disposal follow local regulations.
• For any details about safety requirements, please refer to valid MSDS.

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