Once administered in the mix, REMICRETE-G650 is adsorbed onto the cement particles introducing a powerful deflocculating behaviour which effectively results in reduced water demand, an increase in both early & ultimate strengths and a significant improvement of the physical & mechanical properties of the resultant concrete. REMICRETE-G650 will delay setting times whilst retaining workability, thus allowing long distance transportation. REMICRETE-G650 is based on a blend of synthetic polymers.
Primary Uses:
REMICRETE-G650 is typically used in:
• Mass concrete
• Self compacting concrete (SCC)
• Slip form concreting
• Ready mixed concrete where long distance transportation is involved
• Hot weather concreting
• Bridges & tunnels
• Floor slabs & screeds for easier placing, compaction & finishing
• High strength concrete where prolonged workability and/or easier placing, compaction and finishing is required
• Concretes containing pozzolanic & mineral admixtures

• Effective reduction of mixing water (up to 40 %)
• Improved workability, placing & pumping
• Delayed setting enables long distance transportation
• Easier concrete placing & compaction (reduced vibration time)
• Enables cement saving
• Improved physical & mechanical properties
• Improved surface finish
• Reduced risk of segregation, shrinkage, bleeding & creep

• Denser concrete, improved water tightness & protection to reinforcement from water-borne salts
• Water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, chloride-free and non-corrosive
REMICRETE-G650 complies with all the
requirements of:
• ASTM C- 494, Type G
• EN 943 Part 2 Tables 1, 11.1 and 11.2
Typical Properties:
Appearance: Dark brown liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.2 ± ۰.۰۰۵ @ +۲۰ °C
Air-entrainment: 0.50 % additional air (maximum)
Chloride content: Nil
Setting Times: Both initial and final setting times will be delayed, extent depends on dosage and mix design
Permeability: Reduced concrete porosity, improves waterproofing & durability
Water-reduction: Up to 40 %
Compatibility: REMICRETE-G650 is compatible with all types of Portland cement including Sulphate Resisting Cement and blended cements. REMICRETE-G650 is also compatible with other SCHOMBURG admixtures when dispensed separately.
Cohesion: Improved cohesion reduces risk of segregation. Mechanical properties: All mechanical properties, early & ultimate compressive strengths, flexural strengths, tensile strengths will improve.
Dosage Range:
Dosage is influenced by cement & cement replacer type/s, mix design, quality of materials used, ambient temperature and other specific requirements. Site trials must always be carried out to determine the optimum dosage.
Dosage: typically 0.60% to 2.5% by weight of total cementitious content (cement + replacers if used)
REMICRETE-G650 should be added to the mixing water or directly to the mixed concrete. Do not add directly to the dry mix or cement. For proper administration the use of automatic dispensers is recommended.
An overdose of REMICRETE-G650 may result in – depending on dosage and mix design – increased workability and extension of setting time. Overdosed concrete must be protected against direct sun light and water evaporation.
Concrete should be cured in accordance to applicable European Norms or ACI recommendations. Alternatively use any REMICURE curing agents of the SCHOMBURG range.
Dispensers, hoses, equipment and tools can be easily cleaned with water. Spills must be contained and removed to industrial waste in accordance with local environmental laws. Please always consult local legislative authorities.
REMICRETE-G650 is supplied in 20 litre pails, 210 litre drums, and 1000 litre IBCs.

Between 0.60% and 2.5% of total cementitious content depending on successful dosage.
Storage & Shelf-life:
REMICRETE-G650 in original unopened containers has a shelf-life of 12 months when stored in a dry and frost-free environment above +5 °C and below +35 °C.
Health and Safety:
• REMICRETE-G650 is non-flammable, non-toxic & non-corrosive.
• Any contamination of skin shall be removed with clean potable water.
• For disposal follow local environmental regulations.
• Please refer to valid product MSDS for further details.

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