REMI-AIR200 Art.-No. 4 06448
Micro air-entrainer for concrete with resistance to freeze-thaw

REMI-AIR200 functions by reducing the surface tension of the gauging water and produces a stable system of air spaces within the concrete. Its good plasticising effect gives the concrete better cohesion and a homogenous microstructure. The air spaces produced absorb frost pressure in the cured concrete, from penetrating and subsequently freezing water in the capillary system. In this way the concrete is sustainably protected from frost.
Areas of application:
REMI-AIR200 is suitable for all concrete for exposure class XF4, which is frequently subjected to frost and freeze/thaw cycles as well as contact with de-icing salts.
• Formation of evenly dispersed micro air spaces
• Reduces capillary absorption
• Replacement for fine grains (< 0.125 mm)
• Reduces the tendency for bleed and separation of the concrete

Technical data 

Row material basis: tenside
Colour: green
Consistency: liquid
Density: approx. 1.01 g/cm³
Packaging: 200 kg drum

Storage: cool and dry but frost free, 12 months in the original unopened packaging. Use opened containers promptly.
Dosage: Based on cement: 0.2 – ۱.۰% by weight The required dosage level is dependent on the concrete recipe and the reactivity of the cement as well as further influences like temperature and mixing/transport time. It is to be determined by performance tests.
Product preparation:
REMI-AIR200 is added to the mix water or the finished mix, however before the addition of other concrete additives. Ensure there is adequate blending following addition. As a rule, the mixing time is longer than with normal concrete as the activation of the air entraining components requires more mixing energy.
Quality Control / certification: Air entrainer in accordance with DIN EN 934-2:T.5. Only contains substances given in EN 934-1:2008, annex A1.
Specific advice:
Before use in concrete always carry out a performance test to relevant standards. The use of REMI-AIR200 has been particularly proven in combination with PURCRETE-2000 as well as the super plasticizers from the REMICRETE and BETOCRETE series. Please observe a current valid EU Health & Safety Data Sheet.

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