• Roadways

• bridges

• pre-cast elements

• water retaining structures

• wave breakers.


the addition of other admixtures. Sufficient final mixing times have to be secured in each case. Mixing times are usually longer than with normal concrete as the activiation of the air entraining components requires a higher input of mixing energy. Suitability tests accord. to valid standards and norms should be carried out prior to usage. The effectiveness of REMI-AIR (LP) can be affected by other admixtures with defoaming components. The compatability must be cleared in trials.

 • Introduces micro bubbles up to 200 microns.

• Uniform distribution of bubble matrix.

• Improved workability, cohesiveness and pumpability.

• No adverse effect on cement hydration.

• Improved durability in frost, freeze-thaw environments due to reduced scaling of surfaces.

Primary Properties:

Base: resin

Colour: yellowish

Form: Liquid

Density (+20° C): 1.00 g/cm3


Complies with DIN EN 934-2:T5

Other Description:

Dosage Range 0.20 to 1.1 % by weight of cement. The final dosage quantity depends, among others, on the reactivity of the cement and the concrete recipe. This must be determined in suitability tests. In case of overdosing, consult our local agent or our technical office. Suitability tests according to valid standards and norms should be carried out prior to usage.

Instructions for Use:

REMI-AIR (LP) is best added together with the gauging water or to the ready mix, in each case, however, before

Estimating & Supply:

IBCs 1.000 kg

drums 180 kg

cans 25 kg

Cleaning & Equipment Maintenance:

Regular water flushing of dispensing equipment will prolong service life and reduce breakdowns. Use REINIT-BM on internal metal surfaces subject to contact with concrete in concrete mixers, batch plants and truck mixers regularly to prevent concrete crust formations. Use REINIT-R to remove hardened concrete crusts.

Storage & Shelf-life:

REMI-AIR (LP) has a shelf-life of 12 months when stored at +20° C in original, unopened containers, free from frost. Always re-cap to avoid dirt contamination. The product should be homogenized by stirring after longer storage times.

Health & Safety:

Please adhere to the European Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)!

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