Polygum Polyseal CM250

Main uses:
Polyseal CM250 is used as waterproofing joint sealant in permanent immersion conditions in various structures, such as water retaining constructions, tunnels and canals, tanks, hydraulic structures undergrounds and basements and also for joints in pavements, bridges, gable roofs and asphalt.
 Easy application
 Very good adhesion to concrete, cement and steel substrates
 Resistant to seawater and wastewater
 Movement ability up to 15% of average joint width
 Thixotropic, thus suitable for vertical joints
 Resistant to water pressure
 Economical
Polyseal-CM250 complies with

Application Guide:
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any loose particles.
Apply one coat of Polygum primer. Then leave the primed surface for 4 to 6 hrs.
For easier application specially in cold conditions heat the paste up to 60-80°c in a controlled water bath or special containers until a soft material is achieved.
Note: Avoid from direct flame.
Polyseal CM250 is applied by a trowel, spatula or by hand. In case of high pressure water, the usage of backing rod is recommended.
Equipment clean-up:
Clean all the equipments immediately after use.

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