Polygum Polyfondo

Polygum Polyfondo
Ready to use bituminous coating Description:
A single component liquid coating based on a bitumen, mineral fillers, additives and solvents. When cured, it has excellent adhesion to both concrete and metal surfaces.

• Resistant against freezing, sun light, heat and cold, thermal shocks
• Ready to use, no mixing is needed
• Good adhesion to concrete/ metal/ brick/ stone/bitumen… surfaces Main uses:
Polyfondo is a ready to use paint as a protective coating to prevent corrosion of concrete and metal structures, reservoirs, chimneys … Also it is used as bituminous water resistant coating and can be used for rehabilitation of old layers. This product can be included pigment, the silver one on the walls, roofs and roof felts creates a beautiful facade. It is suitable for outdoors.

Application guide:
At least 2 layers should be applied with brush, roller or spray. (Depending on temperature time interval between 2 layers is 12-24 hours is needed. Paint should be diluted (5%) by solvent, if application is performing with the spray).

Concrete and cementitious surfaces:
0.3- 0.5 Kg/m2, in 2 layers
Metal surfaces:
0.2- 0.4 Kg/m2, in 2 layers

Important advice:
Ensure adequate ventilation during application. In cold weather Polyfondo tends to stiffen slightly, in this case it is recommended to be stored in a warm room before using. Do not heat directly.

Dry conditions and max +35°C.

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