This coating has excellent adhesion to treated bare steel and/or epoxy systems,with excellent resistance to alkalis,acids, chemicals, and bacteria as well as great mechanical properties.


  •  Can be used in contact with potable water without any defect on water quality
  • Good adhesion to treated bare steel and epoxy coating systems
  • 100% solid,without VOC
  • Resistanttoacids, alkalis,oils, petroleum products, salts, water and microorganisms
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Very low permeability
  • Great strength
  • Applicable in wide temperatures
  • High resistance to water permeation
  • Good resistance to puncture, impact, and abrasion
  • High build, can be applied to high thickness in one layer
  • No need to primer on steel substrates

Application guide:

Surface preparation :

Steel Surfaces:

Surface preparation should include blast cleaning to aminimum of 65 microns anchor profile or Sa2.  Then remove dust by blowing compressed dry air. Grease, oil or similar contamination should be removed from thesurfacewith MEK before blasting operation. During blasting operation and coating application, the substrate temperature should be 3˚Cabove thedew point.

Concrete Surfaces:

any loose part of the concrete surface should be removed. It is recommended to use abrasion instrument in order to remove this parts. It is recommended to scratch the surface in order to promotecoating system adhesion on concrete. After treating the concrete surface, it should be sealed by theappropriate primer (PFEP-2168 for dry and clean surfaces and Indufloor-IB-1240 for wet or contaminated surfaces).

Defects on theconcrete surface should be repaired and surfaced by Polycoat-2050 or PFEP-2249 prior to application of PFEP-2251. If the primer’s surface is fully glossy because of complete curing, in order to increase the adhesion between layers the surface of theprimer must be activated with MEK

Main uses :

PFEP-2251 can be used as:

  • Protective lining for steel and concrete tanks
  • Protective lining for potable water pipelines or conveyors
  • canals and anothersubstrates in contact or immersed in water

Application conditions:

Maximum allowed relative humidity would be 85%. The temperature should be minimum 3 °C above dew point and between +5 °C to +50 °C during application operation.

Application process:

A-component should be mixed very well by an electrical mixer, then B-component should be added to A-component and the mixture should be mixed by an electrical mixer till getting a homogeneous liquid with a uniform color. This coating can be applied by airless spray, roller and/or spatula.


  • Monthsin sealed containersat +5°C to +30 °C. Keep away from extreme heat, freezing, and moisture.
  • Warning:

This product may cause allergic problems when contacts with skin or inhaled. Special clothes, masks, and gloves should be utilized during thespraying process. Protective creams and glosses should be used in order to protect skin and eyes, respectively.


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