Epoxy Intermediate Layer


PFEP-2235 is generally used for filling the joints, holes, cracks and leveling the uneven surfaces.   It is compatible with epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea systems and will be part of a seamless coating system.


  • Thermal resistance up to +80ºc
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Suitable for scraper in any places

 Main usages:

It can be used at concrete, mosaic, natural stones, wooden and metal surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens, pools and industrial floorings. As an intermediate layer in epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea systems, vertical surfaces and roofs of concrete structures.

  Polyamide Anti-Rust

Physical properties:

Color Light grey
Gloss Matt
Components 2
Mixing Ratio by weight A/B =6.58/1
Mixing Ratio by volume A/B=3.15/1
Solid content (A+B) 100%
Density (A+B) 1.75±۰.۱ g/cm3
Recommended film thickness more than 500 µm (Depend on surfaces)
Theoretical coverage* 0.83 Kg/m2
Curing method Chemical reaction between components
Thinner ——–
Packaging A: 6.58 Kg

B: 1 Kg

* No material loss is consider in theoretical coverage calculation.

Processing properties:

Pot life 1 hour
Dust free time 1 hour
Post curing  time 3 hours
Full curing time 6 days
Over coating interval 3 hours

Application Guide:

Surface preparation:

The holes and pores must be clean and free from oil, dust and contaminations before pouring the epoxy intermediate layer. Then it can be applied as a first layer.


After surface preparation, part A was stirred separately, then paint’s components should be thoroughly mixed (according the mixing ratio) & using a suitable mixer until a homogenous solution is achieved.

Then it should be poured and spread on the surfaces, cracks and joints with suitable tools (spatula, special scraper).

All tools should be washed with T-950 thinner after the application.

Ambient condition:

Ambient temperature should be in range of +5 to +40 ºc during paint application.


12 months, in unopened package & protect from direct sun light and heat source at +5 to +30 ºc.

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