Aliphatic Polyurethane Lacquer  


It’s a two-component-product based on polyurethane, which can be used as top coat.

This coating is high quality with good adhesion, excellent UV resistance and good mechanical properties. POLYFLOOR- PU-L has high adhesion and very good compatibility with Epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea systems.


  • High adhesion and hardness on metal surfaces
  • Excellent resistance against UV
  • Excellent durability in marine and industrial environments
  • Resistant to water, impact and abrasion
  • Resistant against organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, fats. . .
  • Good flexibility
  • Seamless
  • Very good stability against climate changes and severe atmospheric environment

 Main uses:

  • UV protective coating for metal and marine structures, bridges, external coating of tanks, deck and body of the ships
  • Metal structures in chemical and petrochemical industries, power plants
  • As a top coat in multi-layer Epoxy systems
  • One-layer anti-dust for concrete surfaces

Application Guide

Surface preparation:

The surface should be clean, free of contamination, grease and moisture, this contaminations result in reducing adhesion. The surface is cleaned using suitable solvents. If the paint is applied on surface directly (as first layer), the surface must be perfectly prepare.  If the paint is applied on previous layer, suitable interval should be observed.

Ambient conditions:

Ambient temperature should be in range of +10°C to +50°C during application.


After surface preparation, part A is thoroughly mixed and lacquer components are mixed with proper mixing ratio (according to packing) with suitable agitator until homogenous mixture is obtained. The lacquer can be diluted and viscosity of mixture is adjusted by adding T-900 thinner gradually while mixing, until homogenous solution is obtained.

This paint is applied using air or airless spray, brush, trowels and immersion methods. Using suitable ventilation is necessary while paint application is done in close places.

All tools should be washed with T-900 thinner after the application immediately.