Epoxy Polyamide Coat Description: PFEP-2050 is based on two-component Epoxy resin and Polyamide hardener as an intermediate layer to increase life time and resistance of the coating system against atmospheric…
Aliphatic Polyurethane Top Coat Description: PFPU-4110 is a two-component top coat based on Aliphatic Polyurethane resin.
Aliphatic Polyurethane Lacquer Description: It’s a two-component-product based on polyurethane, which can be used as top coat.
Description:Epoxy Polyamide Zinc Rich Primer/PFZP-2001 is a primer based on Epoxy resin and polyamide hardener and can be used as first layer to protect of metal surfaces against corrosive materials.
100% solid Epoxy Coating Conformity to AWWA-C210 and BS6920 Description: PFEP-2251, based on Amine-cured Epoxide resin, is a two-component, 100% solid, high qualifiedepoxy coating.
 Description:100% solid Epoxy Coating / PFEP-2251/1 , based on Amine-cured Epoxide resin, is a two-component, 100% solid, high build epoxy coating.
One-component Acrylic Lacquer Description: PFAC-L is based on thermoplastic acrylic resin. This paint is suitable to protect concrete and metal surfaces where expose to sunlight, wind and rain because of…
Epoxy mastic Description:This product is used to fill joints, voids, cracks and uneven areas of concrete. This product has a great adhesion to epoxy and polyurethane systems as an intermediate…
Polyamine Epoxy Coating-Chemical Resistant Description: PFEP-2110 is a two-component epoxy coating which does not contain any volatile material and is high build.
Aliphatic Polyurethane Top Coat Description:PFPU-4100 is a two-component top coat based on Acrylic-Polyurethane resin. It provides high performance, excellent corrosion resistance, good adhesion, good UV resistance and mechanical properties.