DEKOTEC®-HTS90 is a heat shrinka-ble sleeve made of an electron beam cross-linked polyethylene backing and a coating made from hot melt adhesive.

Standard designation:
DEKOTEC®-HTS90 provides a per-manent corrosion prevention on welding seams at steel pipes and pipelines.
DEKOTEC®-HTS90 can be used as two- layer heat shrinkable sleeve system, or together with DEKOTEC®-EP Primer, as a three-layer heat shrinkable sleeve sys-tem. Both systems have DIN-DVGW certificates for the stress class C 80 UV in accordance with DIN EN 12068 (Reg.- No.: 5180BS0064, NG-5180BS0065). In addition, DEKOTEC®-HTS90 has an approval in accordance with GOST R 51164-98 (Russia). The three-layer system consisting of DEKOTEC®-EP Primer and DEKOTEC®-HTS90 provides an in-creased protection in case of dam-ages to the encasement as well as an increased safety against failed applications based on the surface preparation with the DEKOTEC®-EP Primer. DEKOTEC®-HTS90 is compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU and Bitumen.

 ▪ EN 12068  C HT 80 UV
Beyond the standard classification, DEKOTEC®-HTS90 can be used for permanent operating temperatures of up to +90°C /  +۱۵۸°F For lower temperature require-ments, DEKOTEC®-HTS70 +70°C (+158°F), DEKOTEC®-MTS55 +60°C (+140°F) as DEKOTEC®-MTS30 +30°C (+86°F) are available as high quality and cost effective alterna-tives

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